Fight fire with water

 A Whittier man has found a unique way to keep taggers away from his building — motion activated sprinklers. This comes 24-hours Vancouver:


Tired of tagging, a California business owner is spraying back at graffiti artists thanks to B.C. technology.

Scott Railsback was at his wit’s end after his construction company in Whittier, Calif. – 12 miles east of Los Angeles – became a target for graffiti artists.

“Every couple of days, I was out there painting over [the graffiti],” Railsback told 24 hours. “We tried cameras and lights and anti-graffiti paint but none of it worked. Every time the sun came up, it was back.”

The Mure Corporation vice-president quickly blew through thousands of dollars covering up taggers’ work and went looking for a solution.

That’s when he came across Victoria-based Contech Electronics’ ScareCrow sprinklers.

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