Conklin gets 75 to life

Sex offender Steven Michael Conklin, of West Covina, was given a 75-year to life sentence in Pomona Superior Court this morning, according to reporter Brian Day.

This from an earlier story on Conklin:


Steven Michael Conklin, 44, of West Covina was convicted Friday of possession of child pornography, failing to register as a sex offender, and two counts stemming from failing to report a change of address, court officials said.

He is due back at the Pomona Superior Court May 22 sentencing, and faces a minimum of 75 years in prison, said West Covina police Lt. Ron Mitchell.

“This will being closure to a lot of people,” Mitchell said. He described Conklin’s anticipated lengthy prison stay as a victory not just for West Covina, but for the community at large.

Mitchell said there’s no doubt in his mind that Conklin is dangerous.

“His (criminal) practices have been very consistent through throughout several decades,” he said.

Conklin turned himself in to West Covina police Sept. 28 after being informed there was a warrant for his arrest, police said shortly after the arrest.

Police began investigating him after he failed to register as a sex offender within five days of his birthday, as required by Megan’s Law, Mitchell said.


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  • Concerned citizen

    This guy is indeed a sick, twisted, dangerous predator. Great job by West Covina PD and the DA’s office to put this monster where he belongs.

  • Emily

    This guy is absolutely nasty. I have never heard something so discusting in my entire life. Instead of having the government spend 200 bucks a day for him to sit in a prison cell, why not just put him in the electric chair and kill him right now. Its obvious that the whole town thinks he is a monster, he hasn’t learned from the first time so why not save the government some money and put him 6 feet under ground!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    you have no idea i know this guy and believe me when i say that was not! his first time.

  • Anonymous

    GREAT! This bastard kidnapped & molested my daughter in 1987, when she was six years old. I wanted to get my hands on him & tear him limb from limb, but never got the chance. I was hoping he would not make it out of prison, but he did.

    I wondered what happened, because I never saw him registered on any of the sex offender sites. All I can say is I am glad that he is locked away FOR GOOD!

    He should feel lucky that I didn’t get my hands on him, because he is a small, scrawny guy, & I would have, probably, hurt him to the point that he wouldn’t be able to be incarcerated at this point.

    Sorry, if this seems harsh to anyone who reads this, but as a parent of one of his victims, I have never been able to get over my anger & hatred for what this man did, & how his actions forever changed my little girl’s life.

    Most parents who have a child, who has gone through what my daughter did, would probably feel the same.

    Good riddance Steve Conklin, you sick scrawny punk. I need to find out the prison that you are in, so I can keep updated. I want to know the day that you die, so I can open a bottle of champagne & celebrate the end of your worthless life!