Shirtless and sweaty school board member arrested


Police arrested Baldwin Park School Board member Sergio Corona this morning on suspicion of driving under the influence and felony vandalism. He was apparently breaking windows at a home in the 13900 block of Standstone Street in Baldwin Park.

Police said when they pulled Corona over, he confronted them “shirtless and sweaty” and had to be Tased.


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  • Bob Castaneda

    What is going on in Baldwin Park? Drive By shootings,
    muggings, murders and now a school board member.

  • Joe

    Obviously, a candidate for higher office.

  • mofo

    seriously What the heck??


    and he is supposed to be helping make decisions for our children’s education. GREAT!!

  • resident

    Sergio you have really disappointed the entire city

  • Lou

    Lovely, should be running for president in about 15 years, look for him on the ballot.

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