Predator in action


An unidentified man (left) confronts a man identified as Jaime Elvis Elizondo, 33, of San Gabriel in the children’s section of Border’s Bookstore at Santa Anita Mall last Saturday.

Elizondo, a registered sex offender, is accused of molesting a young girl inside the store.

A seven-minute video tape of the incident shows the man identifed as Elizondo approaching the girl several times.

Wearing a red shirt, the suspect walks by, walks away and walks by again before appearing to kneel down next to the girl.

The suspect goes unnoticed for several seconds before the onlooker confronts him and chases him from the bookstore.

Here’s a segment from today’s story on the incident:

Elizondo is suspected of “touching his exposed genitals up against a young female child” in a Borders bookstore at Westfield Santa Anita, 400 S. Baldwin Ave., on Saturday, according to Arcadia police Lt. Ron Buckholtz.

A 32-year-old Temple City man confronted the suspect and he fled, but the man was able to later identify the suspect from a Web site listing convicted predators, police said.

The man turned over the information to Arcadia police detectives, who were able to show it to other witnesses and confirm the suspect’s identity, Foley said.

“Kudos to the gentleman for taking the time not only to intervene, but to follow up on his own,” Foley said. “It led to a quick arrest.”


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