Gang links suspected in Lynwood City Hall (*updated)

Lynwood and gangs. Who would have thought? This from Sunday’s Los Angeles Times:

Gang investigators with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department have arrested a Lynwood city official on suspicion of felonies, including being an accessory to robbery and possessing a stolen handgun, a department spokesman said.

Autra Adams, special assistant to the Lynwood city manager, was arrested at her home Thursday morning, said department spokesman Steve Whitmore.

According to a law enforcement source familiar with the investigation, Adams was arrested in connection with a case targeting the East Coast Crips street gang. Several members and associates of the gang were wanted on charges including murder, attempted murder of a police officer, bank robbery and weapons violations.

When sheriff’s gang investigators served search warrants, including one on Adams’ Long Beach home, they found a loaded 9-millimeter handgun and photographs of Adams with armed gang members, the source said.

Here’s a link to the Lynwood City Manager’s page. *And here’s a link to the Lynwood watch blog, with a screen capture of Adams’ inmate page from the sheriff’s department.

There are some local connections to Lynwood, including former Montebello City Attorney (and Pasadena resident) Arnoldo Beltran and former Baldwin Park City Councilman David Olivas.*

Speaking of deception, lies and other malfeasance, reporters Tania Chatila and Jennifer McLain unveiled their column today going after all that and more.
Dont’ forget to visit their Leftovers at City Hall Blog for all the daily dirt.

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  • Frank,
    Good follow-up on Lynwood “Gun Moll”. I sure would like to know; what is a ‘Special Assistant”, qualification for job, salary, perks such as city credit cards, city vehicle, health coverage etc.,and what specific bank robberies are referred to.
    Don’t Stop Now.

  • brandilyn

    stop hating on gangs

  • Joseph

    Anyone close to the Lynwood beat knows that the current City Manager, Roger L. Haley, is the godson of Autra’s father. Autra is the goddaughter to Paul Richards, the ex council member sitting in federal prison for corruption. Paul hired Autra and other “friends” and gave his people time to study during work hours so they can get an education, gave his lover Lorry Hempe a nice contract so she can’t get fired (she’s tried to leave but she does not have the qualifications) and the bunch of other people who are just getting by “waiting to retire”, as they say it. You think Autra would have been fired, but of course Roger is letting her continue collecting a nice paycheck for nothing. Good looking out Rog; NOT!