Monrovia man suspected MySpace molester (****UPDATED)

This from the U.S. Attorney’s office:

9626-SAFE_-_Serrano_picture-thumb-300x400.jpgA San Gabriel Valley man was indicted today for allegedly using
social networking sites on the Internet to convince high school-age girls to have sex with him and pose for pornographic pictures.

Gregory Scott Serrano, 33, of Monrovia, was indicted by a federal grand jury in Los Angeles on charges of production of child
pornography, using the Internet to entice minors to produce child
pornography and to meet for sex, receipt of child pornography,
possession of child pornography and attempted destruction of evidence.

The indictment lists 10 teenage girls as victims. However, authorities believe there are other girls who may have been victimized by Serrano.

The investigation into Serrano began in March after a 15-year-old girl reported that Serrano had taken pornographic photographs of her. According to court documents, Serrano posed as a 19-year-old and contacted the teenager after reading her profile on and After courting her via emails and cellular telephone conversations, Serrano pressed the teenager to meet him in person.

Some of serrano’s usernames included: Greg Scott, Purein10citi, citigreg1116, serranogreg, and latinoload1116.

*Serrano is charged with 23 counts in state court and 22 federal counts. Bail in the case has been set at $820,000. He’s residing at the Pitchess Detention Center in Castaic.

*Here’s what Serrano listed on his resume at

Gregory Serrano’s Experience

  • Owner

    Primerica Financial Services

    (Public Company; Financial Services industry)

    Currently holds this position

    • Culinary Delivery Specialist

Chili’s Grill and Bar

(Public Company; 5001-10,000 employees; eat; Restaurants industry)



Beginning in or about January 2007, and continuing until inor about March 12, 2008, in Los Angeles County, within theCentral District of California, and elsewhere, defendant GREGORYSCOTT SERRANO knowingly used a facility of interstate commerce,namely, the Internet and the telephone, to attempt to persuade,induce, and entice an individual who had not attained the age of18 years, namely, S.A., a 13 and then 14-year-old girl, to engagein a sexual activity for which a person could be charged with acriminal offense, namely, lewd acts on a child, in violation ofCalifornia Penal Code Section 288(C)(1), and production of childpornography, in violation of Title 18, United States Code,Section 2251(a).


***Here’s some of Greg Serrano’s Web sites:

WIndows live here.

MySpace here.

Friendster here.

LinkedIn here.

****Netlog site here.

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  • frazgo

    Well isn’t that just dandy. Glad the girl spoke up and hope she isn’t to scarred by it all.

    But DAMN…would my city council please wake up and realize that an understaffed PD is the root of a lot of problems. Look at the tally in the last year, 5 dead, 1 teen a paraplegic, another comatose and now a sexual predator that has preyed upon 10 girls in the community.

    When will the Mayor and city manager decide to quit screwing around and put public safety at the forefront and pay our officers a fair wage AND bring the force to full staff?

  • Dude, this crime was investigated by FBI agents and not your local cops.

    How does the local police force have any responsibility for the root problem of pedophilia? More police is not the answer to every behavioral malady.

  • Joe Friday

    Joe Friday here. Right and wrong Miss Havisham. It would be near impossible for smaller police departments to also be taxed with the responsibility of most on-line crimes. Larger police agencies and federal task forces are better equipped to take that charge.

    I know officers in three local agencies that do attempt to use Craig’s List and My Space as a source to arrest criminals engaging in felonious activity. There are known “buzz” words that tip officers off to these activities. Many times officers are tipped off by the general public but I know of one very pro-active officer who has set up drug deals and weapons sales due to his own initiative. The officer does not work for Monrovia.

    The root problem of pedophilia?

    Joe Friday with the facts.

  • AP

    You know, I’ve been really missing “To Catch a Predator”..did that show get canceled or something?

    I think I’m going to start my own “To Catch A Predator”. Pretend I’m a 15 year old guy or girl, chat with these guys, get them to come over to my house and film their lame asses and put it on YouTube to embarrass them.


  • frazgo

    Ms H if we had a full force with an active vice squad maybe it could have been nipped before 10 girls were seduced by the guy.

    A small force can’t do much but 10 before someone speaks up tells me not enough was being paid attention to.

  • frazgo

    Well Ms H, I have to disagree with you to a degree. IF we had a fully staffed force with some vice dectectives looking at things this could have been stopped before it was 10 victims.

    10, TEN children and the guy was stopped only because someone turned him in. No one has enough time to check every chat room or myspace page, but a functioning vice would know where to look and what to look for.

  • Hasn’t anyone noticed the guys corp. shirt and all of the #1 plaques on the wall behind him?

    In Monrovia, what kind of place/business do you think that is? Is it his loan office where he calls himself “the Owner” or is it someplace else?

  • Not Suprised

    Mary, he worked for Primerica. It’s some multi-level marketing insurance company where they make up titles for themselves. Most of them call each other owners or VP’s of something.

    I went to High School with Greg. I find it sad that he use to be pretty popular at Walnut H.S., but in a creepy sort of way.

    Throughout the years he use to call people from his past trying to recruit into his “business” or sell annuities.
    He once called me years ago after combing the internet for info trying to sell me “products” and then bragging about he still went to H.S. parties.

    I can’t imagine how many of these type of guys are out there – it makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it…

  • Mr. PFS!!!!!!!!

    excuse me Not Suprised!!!!

    I find it weird…how every comment on this sight is regarding Greg Serrano and the Victims who have suffered because of this man’s sickness..yet you have nothing better to say but to put down Primerica Financial Services..What in the hell is wrong with you????..Please have some class #1 and remember that This guy is a bad seed and will get his punishment to the fullest!!!..Every company has bad people…including yours…so get off the Primerica bashing bullshit already!!!!!

    you seem very uniformed about Primerica for let me tell you a thing or two so the next time you feel the need to post your negative shit!!! at least it sounds like educated negative shit!!!!

    Primerica is an awesome comapny #1…It is one of the only companies in the world that actually sits down and educates people about money!!! Like Getting out of debt, investing, and getting the right type of insurance etc…etc…..I have saved hundreds of peoples financial lives because of Primerica!!!
    I love what we do for people!!! and nobody can give a more acurate comment than this because i worked with this Asshole Greg Serrano personally!!!!!!! he was an Associate of mine!!!! I was more shocked than anyone!!!

    At it makes me sick!!!!!!!!! I have a Daughter ok!!!!!!!!

    What he did is fucking disgusting!!!!! and my prayers go out to the victims and there families!!!!

    But please do me a favor!!!!! keep your focus on whats really important here…There’s families who are devestated by a Man’s disgusting Choices!!!!!!

    Not a company he hung his License with!!!!!!!!

    Have some Class!!!!!!!!

  • in shock

    I too know Greg, very well in fact. When I heard what happened I was shocked! It’s hard to believe that he is capable of this sort of act(s). I am in no way saying he didn’t commit the crimes he’s accused of, there is plently of evidence showing he did. Greg was the VP of a Primerica office, and worked very hard to earn that position. I don’t believe that the Officers or police department are to blame for his actions, he is. If a very close friend of his couldn’t tell he was involved with something as disturbing as this, how would law enforcement?

  • wow

    I went to walnut high with greg, I didn’t know him, just of him. He was a pretty popular guy in high school, but I guess that was the best time of his life and he was never able to get past it, its too bad that he did this but if he is found guilty, I sure hope he goes to prison for life, he deserves it.

  • broken hearted

    I have know Greg my entire life and I was broken hearted when I found out about him. I can tell you he was always the sweetest, most caring, thoughtful, funny, life of the party, kind of guy. He never missed a holiday or birthday and would always make you feel special when talking to him. My husband thought he was just the sweetest guy ever.
    I’m prefacing this comment with all that because it rocked my world when this all came out. When we were first called and told he was arrested we all hoped and prayed it was just some huge mistake. I couldn’t imagine Greg doing anything “arrest” worthy. As the details began to emmerge I became more and more devestated and nauseaus. When I finally read the indictments against him, I literally ran to the bathroom and vomited and then layed in bed for 2 days in shock and having crying bouts.
    As I said before I thought this guy was just a gem. I have known him for almost 30 years. He was at my wedding and a constant buddy thru-out the decades.
    Why did this shatter my world so badly??
    I am a mother. I have a teenage daughter who I am constantly battling with why she isn’t allowed to have a cell phone that has text and picture messaging and why she isn’t allowed on the computer unsupervised and why she can’t have a myspace page like the rest of her friends. I tell her constantly of all the “weird creeps” out there who want to harm her. She thinks I’m crazy and overprotective. I like to think of myself as very insightful and am up on all that my kids are doing but this, I NEVER SAW COMING!!
    I would have left my children with him in a heartbeat. It would not have crossed my mind.(No he was never around my kids)
    But had we been having a get together and I had to run out, I would have just said ‘hey Greg, watch them. I’ll be back” and not had a twinge of suspicion!!
    I’m writing this LONG comment to get to this point…
    If I never saw it coming, and my family who is all in law enforcement never saw it coming, we as parents have to be even more vigilant!! Don’t let your kids on the computer unsupervised. Don’t let them run off somewhere without double checking. WATCH them ALWAYS! There is no reason kids should have enough “free time” to be lured into things like this. Parents need to be parents, not buddies. It’s our job to watch them and protect them and we are the ones that fail to keep them from sick individuals.
    My heart did not just break for what I thought he was, but for all those families and girls. I sat my daughter down and read to her all the charges against him. I showed her all his ‘networking’ sights. I showed her pictures of him and me growing up and at my wedding. I told her If I can be fooled, how much more can she be. I believe people like Greg take on different personalities for whichever group they are around at the time. Sadly they dont wear large signs saying “I’m sick and demented and will hurt your children”.
    I rack my brain trying to see if I missed something or where he may have gone wrong. Was he born with this or did losing his mom as a young man, that devastated him, have something to do with it? There’s so many what if’s. All I can try and do is turn the devastation into a learning positive experience as much as possible. Get your kids off those damn websites and cell phones!! They can live without all that ‘freedom’ at such young ages. We did!!

  • Jay

    I knew Greg. Seemed straight up. Primerica is an excellent company and he was a VP. To bad this happened to him. You just never know about people. If he did all that I hope he pays the price. God Bless Him.

  • Tracy

    I knew Greg too. I have worked with him, traveled with him, been to events and get-togethers with him, been to his home, had him over to my home, set him up with some of my girlfriends and still send and receive a Christmas card from him every year. This news was so flabbergasting to me…Knowing him for years, I never suspected he was creepy or demented or would ever do something like this. He was a normal guy who was pretty caring and hard-working. Like Jay said “You just never know about people”. Some people are so good at living double lives that no one suspects anything. It makes me wonder If he was such a great guy, who else do I know that is such a great person who could be potentially dangerous too?

  • mom of 2

    omg! i just checked out his net log site. i cannot believe the comments those young girls left for this perv. what are they thinking. i suppose they are not thinking. oh and the pic’s these kid’s take of themselves and post on the WWW. i am in total shock!
    i hope they lock this perv up like they would lock up a marijuana grower!!!! in my personal opinion they lock up pot growers longer than they keep the perv’s in.

  • the dude

    I have known him for about 6 years and I must say I’m not too surprised.
    He was a very odd character. Very warm and friendly to strangers but seemed to not let anyone too close.
    Now I’m kind of glad.

  • disgusted

    When I found out about this I was disgusted. I met Greg and got into Primerica and later decided not to go through with it. He would call and see if I wanted to go with him on meetings. I would always say.. I don’t know why but he kind of creeped me out. My boyfriend was creeped out by him too! I hope he stays in prison and never gets out! He’s sick and doesn’t deserve to get out!

  • Sylvia Cheeks

    when are these kids going to learn not to believe the thing write they write on the internet, i could be anyone i want to be on the internet, how do you really know who your dealing with?. you don’t!

  • Sylvia Cheeks

    when are these kids going to learn not to believe the things they write on the internet, i could be anyone i want to be on the internet, how do you really know who your dealing with?. you don’t!

  • Sylvia Cheeks

    when are these kids going to learn not to believe the things they write on the internet, i could be anyone i want to be on the internet, how do you really know who your dealing with?. you don’t!





  • Peter

    Was a bit shocked by this article. Knew him from my days at Primerica Financial Services, Burbank branch. Dude was always in a good mood. Smiled all the time. Dressed well. Was full of energy and charisma. My mom was a bit suspicious when she first met him. Said he was overly charming & could not be trusted. I remember him dating one of the members he had recently recruited. Relationship didn’t last long (maybe a month or two). Kinda knew he was having relationship issues w/ women, but I never knew it would extend into the realm of child porn/molestation.

  • anonymous

    i was one of the girls the FBI called. i have never heard of this guy until the day he was arrested. i have no idea how he got my name or number. i dont post any personal info or bad pictures on my myspace. i am so glad he is locked up now. thats scary as hell.

  • Anonymous

    This is sooo surreal and shocking as all hell! What the fuck is his problem? Why did he do this? So many people counted on him and entrusted him with their lives…My sincere condolences to all the victims 🙁

  • Wow

    I also knew Greg for almost 3 years working with him both at the restaurant and almost for Citi. From my interactions with him I never would have ever even suspected this. He is a nice guy and is very outgoing last thing he said was that things were going well and he had a stable GF. I can’t believe that I’m reading this. I was contacted by the FBI some time ago and they said they were conducting an investigation of some sort. Didn’t really think twice about it until the other day I looked him up and saw this, incredible. I’m glad the girls are O.K. I am a fairly good judge of character and never would have suspected him of this. I am still at a loss for words in my reaction. This is horrible.

  • you never know

    i had known greg for many years (since high school) and kept in touch with him up to his arrest. like most have said, you never know “that type”. he had always been sweet, supportive, and fun. he would’ve definately been an unlikely candidate for his crimes but the evidence is there. i’m sad to see him in this predicament but he put himself there

  • hmm, i was one of the girls he tried to meet with. it was so random because he called me out of no where. i dont know how he got ahold of my phone number, but he told me he was a 19 year old cop. i got suspicious of it and automatically stopped talking to him. for all the teenagers out there and maybe even younger, this CAN happen to you…i never thought it would, but it did. and thank GOD i have great parents who taught me right.