On the prowl

9610-coyote-thumb-300x225.jpgThis is one fat coyote. Believe it or not he was prowling Los Feliz Monday night at the intersection of North New Hampshire and Finley Avenue.

I pretty sure he had at least one friend, but the other coyote was sneakier and didn’t want his picture taken.

Now I know why there’s no stray cats in the neighborhood. I’d been wondering recently what happened to  this crazy homeless woman that hangs out nearby. She must be smarter than I thought. Who wants to sleep outside with these guys on the prowl? 

Apparently this has been reported before on an Atwater Village blog and may be fall out from the Griffith Park fire.

As for other sightings, coyotes make regular appearances in Arcadia. This from a city Web page dealing with animal control:

There are regular sightings of coyotes in the foothill areas of Arcadia, and along the horse trail and wash.  Residents should report sightings wherein a coyote seems to be unusually aggressive, sick or injured to the Pasadena Humane Society at 792-7151, extension 110, or to the Arcadia Police Department at 574-5150.


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