Update in Rowland Heights triple homicide

Prosecutors and defense attorneys agreed Tuesday to postpone a preliminary hearing for a woman accused of killing her husband and two children.

The move is one of several delays in the case since Man-ling Williams was arrested in connection with slaying of her husband Neal and children Ian and Devon. 

This small note comes from Jan WIlliams, mother of Neal grandmother of Ian and Devon. Jan attends each hearing in the case and reports to Crime Scene readers on the state of the case:

At a hearing today it was determined that they need to set another date in order to set a date for the preliminary.  Next check in hearing date is June 26.  Jan

My comment: Sounds like something from the court of the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland.

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  • Jan Williams

    At the hearing yesterday a date was set for the preliminary hearing – July 30.

  • Jan Williams

    I got a call from the District Attorney this afternoon. Manling’s attorneys have filed a sealed motion asking that the preliminary hearing (scheduled for July 30) be rescheduled for a much later date. There will be a hearing about this motion on Thursday, July 17.

  • Jan Williams

    Motion denied. The preliminary hearing is still scheduled for July 30.

  • Jan Williams

    Devon’s birthday is this Saturday, July 26. He would have been 8 years old. Such a loving child. He loved absolutely everybody, and everybody who met him loved him in return. He was always unashamedly himself, and accepted everyone for who and what they were. That’s so rare in our world, isn’t it?

  • Jan Williams

    If you plan on attending the candlelight vigil for Neal, Devon and Ian, don’t forget to bring a candle! A book for the library or money for the scholarship would be deeply appreciated as well. The neighbors plan to begin at 7 pm on August 8 in front of the condo. This is not a formal occasion, just a gathering and remembrance. I invite you to share any memories that you have, so we may all celebrate the wonderful people that we had the honor to know. I want to celebrate their lives, not dwell on their deaths. Who they were and what they mean to us is much more important than how they died.


    ok, i went to school with this crazy chick, she was ALWAYS ALWAYS weird…no one liked her…it wasn’t a shocker that she could be capable of something like this. they need to sentence her and put her in jail. period.

  • Jan Williams

    That’s a very sad and disturbing thought, Susie. Lots of people don’t fit in, especially during high school. Does being different alone make you dangerous?

    I think it is “a shocker” that murder is ever committed by anyone at all… that it could ever enter someone’s mind that it is ok to take away another human being’s life and future. ANY MURDER is “a shocker” to me.

  • The preliminary hearing has been postponed again and is now scheduled for September 23.

  • Preliminary hearing has been continued until Oct. 15.