Wanted: Lil Tiny (*Updated)


Text below is from the Sheriff’s wanted poster:

On March 19, 2008 (Wednesday) at 1140 hours, Victim Michelle Hsu was shot and killed by intruders in her Covina Hills home.

The victim was on the telephone with a 911 operator when the suspects killed her to avoid capture and arrest.

After a lengthy investigation, detectives have identified Suspect Victor Manuel Maurtua as one of five suspects involved in the murder.

Suspect Maurtua is a known El Monte Flores gang member and was last known to frequent the Baldwin Park area.



*Update: City News Service has finally picked up on this (even though they had a copy of our story since Saturday). But what’s being reported is wrong. The Sheriff’s Information Bureau told CNS that there are no other suspects identified and no arrests have been made. CNS is working to correct their report.


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  • heather cervera

    he is not a gang member… and lil tiny was a nick name not a gang name!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    doesn’t change the fact that he’s wanted for murdering a defenseless woman!

  • Anonymous

    You commit a crime you will pay.

  • look forward meeting you.

    He is cute. I wounder if you are really little. Show me.