Introducing Brian Day

Please welcome Brian Day to Crime Scene. He’s the newspapers’ night cop reporter and as plugged in as anyone I know when it comes to crime in the SGV.

Brian, who is two decades and two years younger than me, will be posting stuff that I can’t get to and other stuff he thinks is relevant.

He likes Monday Night Raw, plays the guitar, smokes Marlboro reds, wears boxers, eats at Pizza Hut and In-N–Out  almost exclusively, and attends Cal State Fullerton where he’s studying Journalism.


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  • Ray

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Day and watching him at what he does best; Getting the truth and putting it in print.
    You better watch out I hear he’s been trying out your chair.

  • Tom

    Welcome Brian…but CSU Fullerton?…thought they were a baseball school, but journalism will work.

  • Joe

    I’m guessing that Brian wears something more than boxer.