Witness writes

A anonymous neighbor apparently overheard the aftermath of a stabbing that occurred in Rosemead Memorial weekend. He sent a letter to reporter Dan Abendschein, who passed the letter on to me:


I don’t know if these tips will help.  I heard people
indistinctly talking and yelling for about 10 mins.
After that a woman was outside the backyard crying for
quite a while.  A man was also at the back yard
telling the crying woman “he is dead.”  About 5 mins
later the emergency crew came and I saw about several
police officers entering the back door, and I can hear
the man telling the officers “he is not breathing.”

Earlier that day about 11:30pm to about mid-night, I
got home and saw a hispanic man about 5ft 8-9in,
180-185 lbs walking north on Buron Ave.  He was
wearing a t-shirt and jeans, sort of grey or white.  I
didn’t get a clear look at his face.  He was staring
at me while walking by.  I thought he was suspicious;
however, he wasn’t in a hurry or anything.  Also, it
was dark.  I hope this will help.

Anonymous neighbor

Officials haven’t reported a break in the case — or the other weekend homicide, that of Frank Montes in Covina.

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