Bell’s suspected bad cop

Whatever happened to the unnamed victim in this story, it sure sounds ugly. Thank God the feds are keeping on eye on suspicious cops in southeast LA County. No one else seems to care.

Here’s the top of Ruby Gonzales’ story:


LOS ANGELES – A former Bell police officer and Pico Rivera resident was arrested Thursday for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman after a 2007 traffic stop.

A federal grand jury on Wednesday indicted Feliciano Sanchez, 33, on one count of depriving the woman of her civil rights under color of law and one count of carrying a firearm during a crime of violence.

FBI agents took Sanchez into custody Thursday and he appeared in the afternoon in federal court. He is being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center without bail and will be arraigned Monday on the charges, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Tammy C. Spertus.

Sanchez’s attorney, Ira Salzman, could not be reached for comment.

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  • Needs Investigation

    The public doesn’t know, but there is a group of mostly hispanic females running around L.A. that have teamed up with sleezy lawyers to scam cities like Bell. The set-up goes like this: the female gets pulled over by a solo police officer for something like drunk driving. The female then convinces the cop that they want to engage in a consensual sex act with him, like a blow job. Probably not a difficult task. The cop takes the female to parking lot where she gives him a blow job and he deposits DNA evidence on or in her. The female calls the sleezy lawyer that night and the lawyer directs the female to a hospital where DNA is collected and the assault is reported to another police agency. Jackpot for the sleezy lawyer and the hispanic female; about $5 million per successful set-up. The cop goes to jail for a long time for being stupid and the FBI looks tough on bad cops. God Bless the American Justice System!

  • luis

    Yes god bless America.And god bless all our officers doing their duty.My roomate is an officer,a good officer.I sincerely doubt he has been involved in a commission of a crime such as this.I myself am guilty of the crime of evasion.The aforementhioned officer,”Sanchez”.Is a pretty violent person,in my account.In an arrest,I was violentally “Tackled to the ground” by officer Sanchez.This revelation that recently came to light comes as no surprise to me.He didn’t give me a BJ or an HJ.He just did me wrong.And he talked down to me in the booking cell.In my opinion it probably is not the first time.I hope all goes well for him(being a cop in the system)And that he really didn’t do this.Still we all(the guilty) have to pay for our crime.I hope his time goes well “Officer innocent”


    like they what goes around comes around:this man deserves what is coming to him he ruined my husband life and our family lying on the witness stand in for the california court and my husband was sent to state prison for supposively threatening this former Police officer.he won the case and my husband life has been ruined since that day.God Forgive him