Hate or free speech?

When Pasadena blogger Aaron Proctor recently attacked activist Virginia Hoge,she noticed.

Here’s her response (posted as a comment here):

When former candidate for mayor, Aaron Proctor, (whose site is linked
to on this blog) posted this defamatory post about me – which included
ugly graphic sexual slander – the Pasadena blogging community was
completely silent.


I think we have lost the ability to see “hate”. I mean, if this post
isn’t hate, what is? Does the right to “Free Speech” cover…this?
No, I do not think it does.

The weird thing was, what made Proctor so angry was my writing about my
research on Rene Amy. I hadn’t even mentioned Proctor, yet he reacted
to it like he himself had been “stung”.


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  • H20 color

    The perception is that Ms. Hoge is in favor of censoring the blogosphere and this makes bloggers more angry than being stood up for coffee.

    She removed the gloves when she tried to limit other people’s free speech.

  • Local Boy

    Get a grip Ms. Hoge. AP doesn’t like you, might even hate you, but it’s not hate speech. I don’t hate all liberals like you, I just think you’re all weaklings and idiots. Get over it, just like us conservative types have to get past liberal bs blogs like yours that attack our beliefs every day.

    If you can’t take the heat…

  • withheld

    Quick, someone call the Whaaaaammmmbulance…

  • Tina Garcia

    There was a shooting in my neighborhood this weekend, Saturday early evening and a man was killed and there is only a little info on what happened. Why isn’t there any info updated on this incident?

  • http://www.proctorformayor.com AP

    I just know it pisses her off, that’s why I keep doing it.


  • http://www.proctorformayor.com AP

    And, where I come from, we don’t call what I wrote hate speech. We call it hilarious. 🙂

  • frazgo

    I was disappointed in her blog. Her opening post was odd claiming there was a lack of liberal voices on the ‘net. Followed by she would bring that to the table for intelligent conversation.

    Unfortunately it became clear very quickly that only comments agreeing with here would be allowed. Those in disagreement were censored. (When I realized she censored even polite disagreement I started a log. I gave up after a half dozen unpublished comments). I have a problem with censorship.

    I check in from time to time as it is informative if not entertaining to watch someone so far left of liberal she is a true “progressive” which is the smiley face version of American fascism. Check it out…Mussolini, Hilter, Stalin and FDR all had similar ideas on social reform. A really interesting book by Jonas Goldberg “Liberal fascism” outlines it all. Read that and you understand her better.

    Regardless, what Aaron does is express an opinion. I think he’d be just as well off ignoring her and letting her vent as people will figure her out on there own. I think he could probably be just as funny ripping her articles apart rather than her personality.

  • http://www.proctorformayor.com AP

    You make some good point, Fraz. And that book is excellent, by the way – thanks for recommending it to me. I was quite sad when the author got ripped into pieces by Jon Stewart though 🙁 As much as I like The Daily Show, Jon seems to rip into anyone who’s Republican or Libertarian leaning – as long as their name isn’t Dennis Miller.

    She gives liberals a bad name. Well, a worse one than they already seem to have in my book.