Taggers and the YouTube graffiti craze

I guess it should come as no surprise that taggers are turning to YouTube to show off their daring.

What is a surprise though is that police actually watch the videos and recently caught a suspected tagger who pulled off a pretty stupid stunt in broad daylight high above the Hollywood Freeway.

Here’s the stunt that got Buket sent to the bucket.


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  • AP

    I’m glad they caught this douche. Graffiti isn’t art – it’s vandalism.

    – AP

  • angelbec

    Clearly bucket wanted to be caught – you couldn’t be this stupid … broad daylight .. posting on YouTube … he should get a prison sentence for being stupid …

  • Frank Ybarra

    Merchants can also respond to the graffiti
    problem by making it harder to get the paint or markers used by taggers.

    There is nothing artistic about vandalism.
    There can be no argument in support of vandalism.
    Graffiti Tagging on public property is a crime,
    and “taggers” are criminals. Not every tagger is a gang member but every tagger is a vandal. They are all criminals.

    Graffiti clean-up Diverts tax dollars from the delivery of other City services. WHAT DOES GRAFFITI CLEAN UP COST US ? Why should you care?
    Graffiti crime can effect your community in many ways, including: Higher taxes for clean-up.
    Lower property values Heightened fear of crime
    Cancellation or reduction of education and recreation programs.

    Graffiti Facts and Figures.
    Graffiti cleanup takes a big chunk out of
    municipal budgets.

    Graffiti is the most common
    type of vandalism according to
    the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

    Graffiti cost worldwide is approximately
    $28 Billion per year.

    In the United States of America,
    the annual graffiti cleanup bill is $8 Billion.

    California is $167 Million a year.

    In 2003 the city of Los Angeles
    spent $55 Million on graffiti removal.

  • AP

    You know what else causes this?

    Books and art shows and things that glorify graffiti.

    It’s NOT cool.

  • Buket

    All of you are just mad that you don’t have the balls to do what I did in this video. Pussies.

  • fuck aP

    ap is a fanny flap graffiti 4 lyf in it bucket u got sent down unlucky bruv

  • Wow what a dope. I’m surprised none of the drivers called it in on their cellphones.

    Kids pretty stupid putting his face out there for sure. I guess if criminals were smart this would be a different world.


  • Diana M. Molino

    I agree tagging is too expensive and it is vandalism. The tagger who put his face out there wasn’t very smart. He should have known he would get caught. Come to think of it, maybe he did know and just wanted to go to prison to see some of his friends.

  • Anonymous

    It’s too bad buket didn’t become road kill!

  • Anonymous

    i onestly think that tagging isnt that big of a deal
    i think it looks pretty good


  • anger tcv

    the foo is a fucken nut..
    props ..

  • meloccs

    mad props buket kepp hittin it up till death por vida:.

  • Abel626

    Lol free bukett . ”