America’s Most Wanted: Jennifer Lopez

The saga of Jennifer Lopez Dejongh and her three missing children made America’s Most Wanted Saturday night. Here’s the story:

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                                                                     Police tell AMW that Dejongh was supposed to drop Brian, Christian, and Evan off at Miller’s home on November 17, 2007, for an extended visit, but she never showed.  When it seemed apparent that Dejongh and the children weren’t going to appear at the agreed-upon location, investigators were called in.

Cops say the children are believed to be safe with Dejongh, so an AMBER Alert was never issued for the kidnapped children. Police tell us Dejongh and the missing Miller children may be hiding out on the East Coast, or may have fled to Mexico.  The boys may now have dyed their hair black, or could have shaved heads or crew cuts.

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  • A Real Mommy

    Bring these boys home. They need to be in a safe place. Running from the law is not a life for these children.Poor babies, are they in school? Are their health needs being met? Always hiding and looking over their shoulders….Wow…Hopefully, their Mom will realize this and bring them home safely!Jen the gig is up! You can run but you can’t hide!Time to pay the piper. AMERICA’S MOST WANTED is on your tail!

  • Anonymous

    Wow AMW! Rep. Miller must really have some pull over @ FOX.

  • Anonymous

    America’s Most wanted will go after any and ALL FUGATIVES! If, Gary Miller has all this money why hasn’t he paid a top dollar Bounty Hunter to find his grandchildren? That’s what I would do!

  • DZK

    This is such a double standard. If the kids were ‘abducted’ by their dad, an AMBER alert would certainly be enacted.

  • gag me

    Rep. Miller has little to no pull. That is why they haven’t been brought back yet. Put up a reward and see how fast Miss. Princess gets turned in. Also, I doubt she would cut/color their hair. It wouldn’t match their private school uniforms. Oh that’s right, they don’t have private schools underground. Great parenting Jen Jen.

  • What A Mother Should Be

    Nothing new here, same losers making the same comments. Gary Miller is a crook, Brian Miller is a child molester and beats his kids. This woman is a bad mom for trying to protect her boys from their crappy, sad excuse for a dad and the corrupt Miller grandparents?

    I hope this woman and her kids are not on the east coast or in Mexico. I hope they are in a country that grants amnesty to abused mothers and their children. Where they are living a new happy life free from an abusive father. America’s Most Wanted, CA Family Courts, and all of Rep. Miller’s money and power won’t work on the true safety and justice that a good mom seeks for her boys.

  • Anonymous

    Why did Jen changed her son’s name? Why did she have her children call their father “Gene”? She can run but, she can’t hide! Whacha, gonna do when they come for you? America’s Most Wanted has received MANY tips! looks, like the boys will be home shortly! Good job AMW!

  • Anonymous

    The only tips AMW got was that Brian Miller is a convicted child abuser and molester. The very thing that John Walsh tries to protect children from. Good Job America’s Most Wanted!

  • Where??

    I still have not seen anything but accusations about child molestation. Can someone show me where it states he is a CONVICTED child molester???

  • Anonymous

    Great job America’s Most Wanted! boys should be home this weekend:)

  • Glass Houses

    Wow, you’re all making comments like your family isn’t the least bit disfunctional. Pleeeeze, you know what they say about people that live in glass houses… Wow, and I gotta admit, I hope she “grows up” while she’s on the run and the kids know what it’s like to live a half-way normal life. Hmm, wacky mom, or wacky child molester dad…I’ll pick the mom. And nobody ever talks about her husband?? He must be something to leave his job and stand by her side through all of this. Speechless.

  • Stone Thrower

    Her husband is a young man and a puppet! And obviously as sharp as a bowling ball in going along with this.

    Yeah, where does it say that he is a child molester? Besides, the Lopez family’s lies…i mean accusations?
    Can someone send a link to that one??

    By the way, if you THINK this is dysfunctional: first, go back to school to spell; second, get yourself some therapy, as you must have some serious family issues yourself.

    I am sorry, there is a reason why this family in on AMW, in the news and why Jennifer got her children taken away from her.

    Wake Up!!!!

  • the truth

    Where is the record stating that Brian Miller Sr. is a convicted child abuser and molestor? I missed that one somewhere, please post the link.

  • The REAL facts

    Brian Miller was convicted of Child Abuse and Child Endangerment (Superior Court of California, County of Orange) HE PLEAD GUILTY 01-13-2000

    Brian Miller was convicted of Battery Against Cohabitant (Superior Court of California, County of Orange) HE PLEAD GUILTY 01-13-2000

    Restraining Order Issued against Brian Miller (Los Angeles Superior Court, East District) FILED AND GRANTED ON MARCH 21, 2006

    Visitation of children transferred to safe-house because Brian Miller hit his son and gave him a black eye after the judge told him that there was to be no corporal punishment.

    The children’s therapist reported to the Department of Social Services that Brian Miller had sexually molested his three sons.

    Brian Miller never paid child support.

    Here is the link to Brian’s Guilty Plea and Conviction of Child Abuse, Child Endangerment, and Cohabitant Abuse:

    OH YEAH!!! This guy definitely should be around kids and is a model citizen. And a mom with no criminal history, who raised the kids should not have custody. Give custody to the man who beats them and touches them inappropriately.

  • good try

    your link didn’t work. By law they make sex offenders register. I don’t see him registered. Where’s your proof of all these accusations against Brian Miller? you don’t have any, that is why the judgement was toward him being reacquainted with his children after their mother kept them away and brainwashed them. The mother is the only felon in this case.

  • Anonymous

    The link doesn’t work! Why did Jen changed Lil’ Brian’s name? Come on, Jude answer this simple question! Why did she tell the boys to call their Dad by another name? The judge, therapist, and her OWN therapist called her “not well” mentally! Show the court transcripts Jude the answers are all there! you know it!

  • Anonymous

    Remember Jude! A 100,000 REWARD in Mexico is ALOT of monies!let’s see how loyal the famalia will be with a HUGE reward!

  • REAListic

    Tony….i mean “The REAL Facts”, don’t believe the hype!! You did not present 1 FACT that shows Brian Miller to be a molester or that he gave his son a black eye. Stop believing everything you Hear!!!

    Being convicted and pleading guilty are two different things!!! And he was not Convicted of either!!! Child support?? Who knows if he paid or didn’t but I know that some member of the Miller family must have i.e. Private school, karate, etc.

    Don’t be as stupid as the rest!!!

  • Photog

    I seriously can’t wait to see the Mug Shots of these two when they are caught!

  • NO parent should have the right to make a child disappear. NO parent should have to wake with questions such as ‘where are my children? Are they ok?’
    NO parent should have the right to use children as pawns in the twisted “I’ll get even with you!” game. NO parent should be allowed to alienate the other parent. NO parent should teach a child hate and disrespect against the other 1/2 of their own self.
    NO parent should deny the CHILDS RIGHTS of knowing, loving, and being loved, by BOTH parents.
    NO child should be forced to choose sides.
    NO child should be subjected to living life on the run like a fugitive.
    NO parent should take the court into their own hands, with the overused cry of ‘abuse’ as an excuse.
    If a child is seriously being abused, there are shelters where help and counseling is available.
    Why hide underground? This only denies these ‘abused’ children any kind of help. Which is quite contradictory to “I’m doing this to protect them”
    Parental Abduction is NOT love!
    (All of the above do not include those parents whose rights have been stripped by the court)

  • Anonymous

    Mammabear….Perfectly stated!

  • Amen!!

    Hey LOPEZ Family!!! Bring the boys home!!!

  • Anonymous

    NO parent should ever punch their 5 year old son in the face giving him a black eye.

    NO parent should ever throw their son off the roof of a house into a pool when the child is screaming in fear saying NO!

    NO parent should plead guilty to these charges if HE was not GUILTY of them.

    NO child should be subjected to being forced to sleep naked with their father.

    NO good father would beat his son and make his other 2 young boys sleep naked with him.

    NO decent person would use their money and political pull in the courts to take kids away from the only mother and parent they ever knew.

    NO amount of reward money will bring these kids back and force them to live with the man who beat them and stole their innocence.

    Lopez family – Keep fighting the good fight!

    Miller family – do the right thing for once, don’t let money and power rule your life. May God have mercy on all your souls.

  • Anonymous

    Shame on you! Jude, you will not answer the questions about the mental abuse that YOUR daughter caused YOUR grandchildren. Why, did she have the children call their father by another name? Why? Jude Jr. made the same accusations against his ex-wife right? there is a pattern here! Be HONEST Jude! The truth will all come out! I just hope the Miller family has mercy on you, and let’s you see your grandchildren when your daughter is caught! Your, making a HUGE mistake! You know, the truth!

  • Anonymous

    Missing Kids, Fugitive Mom Sought By Cops In California

    Jennifer Dejongh

    Jennifer Lopez, didn’t have custody of the kids.

    In fact, police say that Dejongh had previously agreed to allowing the Miller family to have a 90-day family reunification, which the judge on the case also agreed to.

    Police tell AMW that Dejongh was supposed to drop Brian, Christian, and Evan off at Miller’s home on November 17, 2007, for an extended visit, but she never showed. When it seemed apparent that Dejongh and the children weren’t going to appear at the agreed-upon location, investigators were called in.

    Information valid as of last update.
    Child Abduction, Diamond Bar, CA; Nov 17, 2007

    Brian Miller

    Missing Child

    Christian Miller

    Missing Child

    Evan Miller

    Missing Child


  • question

    is it true Brian Miller made his boys sleep naked with him? and touched them inappropriately? What a sick man… I also heard Gary Miller, the congressman, from California is under investigation for his own daughter’s death and the rise in gas prices??? does anyone have proof of this?


  • Anonymous

    Wow!, you have fallen to a alltime low Jude!

  • Anonymous

    Frank, There is no truth to the above comment about the Congressman daughter…..Does EVERYONE now see how the Lopez family just make-up any and everything they want to! Oh, that’s so sad!

  • Anonymous

    Name change?…hmmmm….what’s that all about?

  • Anonymous

    Jude, you hung yourself with your own rope! I hope the Millers NEVER let you or your daughter see the boys. All of you just make up lies. That’s why the court took them away from your daughter. You and I know there was no abuse! Jen, made everything up and was caught in her own lies! That’s why she lost custody! You, think if you keep saying things about Brian, that the heat will be off Jen…..Not, true the gig is up!

  • Abusive

    Did Brian Miller plead guilty to child abuse, child endangerment, and cohabitant abuse?

  • Anonymous

    Did Jen have two more babies with that horrible Brian Miller? AFTER, the so-called ABUSE? Come on, Judas talk to us! tell us all about Jen’s plan….you know the one let’s claim abuse…let’s change Lil’Brian’s name…..Let’s have the boys call their Dad “Gene” not Daddy….Let’s isolate the boys from the entire Miller family and play head games with the boys!…..let’s fill their heads with sick little lies…..Let’s claim sexual abuse just like we did with Jude Jr. ex-wife!….Your sick people! It’s time to pay the piper Jude! All your mud slinging has back fired on you! The therapist’s were so horrified with what your sick daughter did to these boys that’s why your daughter lost custody!

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  • to tell the truth

    If he was convicted of those things in 2000, why did she go on and have more kids with him after that? If she was such a good mom, why would she continue to have children with such a bad man? Why did Jude Sr. allow him to live in his home with his daughter and his grandkids for years after that if he was so bad? Did he not feel it was important to protect his family from such a monster? This is the same game the Lopez family always plays. That girl made the same kinds of accusations about every guy who ever broke up with her. They attempted to trash and slander the ex girlfriend of Jude Jr. so much that the Sheriffs department threatened charges. They did this with Jude Jr. ex wife too, making all kinds of accusations with the court which were all found to be lies, which Jude Jr admitted to lying and they were forced to apologize for the comments. Its about time these people are taught that it is not ok to lie. Jenny does nothing without the consent and $upport of her pathological liar of a father and when she is caught, I look forward to seeing him go to jail

  • smoke and mirrors

    I think the REAL facts said it best. Jude is a complete coward for allowing that person (Brian Miller) to live in his home and being with his perfect daughter. Or, maybe he allowed him to stay for so long because it never happened that way and these lies never came up until the Millers stopped paying for everything. Which is it Jude? Were you a weak pathetic father who would not stand up for your daughter or teach her to stand up for herself? Or are you making up all these lies now to cover up for the fact that the courts found your daughter to be an unfit mother? At this point you have to pick one. It is possible I am being rough right now. Lets shift the conversation to the real important facts. Are the kids white or Hispanic? Lets launch an investigation into the staff of AMW to determine if they are closet racist looking to distort the statistics on how many white vs. Hispanic kids get kidnapped. Here is another idea. Lets see if we can now convince the people that Gary is under investigation for his daughters death and high gas prices and shift the focus away from the immoral and crazy actions of his daughter. I thought your family was bad when your unemployed puppet of a son and your also weak wife went and protested the daughters church memorial service, but you keep amazing me with the level at which you will disgrace your own family name.

  • great post

    Wow! excellent post smoke and mirrors! everyone needs to know the truth about Jude and family.

  • Lopez Supporter

    This is to:

    Miller’s, Lingo’s, Krista, America’s Most Wanted, smoke and mirrors, to tell the truth, Anonymous, A Real Mommy, What A Mother Should Be, mammabear, REAListic, gag me, Stone Thrower

    Almost a year, perhaps there is JUSTICE for the safety of children after all. Just a few more years and those boys will be big enough to fight off their abusive, dead-beat, pervert dad. Keep fighting Jen, thanks for putting your boys safety first!

  • Dedicated to Madison

    On May 25th 2006 Madison Nicole Tenn was illegally abducted by her mother, Shannon Phillips. Shannon took 33 month old Madison across six state lines from her stay-at-home daddy, Donald Tenn to a small town in the middle of nowhere, Bethany, Illinois. Madison has been subjected to abuses each and every day since she has left the security of her home, family, friends and all that she had ever known in Sacramento, California. Congressman Miller, Can you help Madison? America’s most wanted, Can you help Madison? Her daddy, Donald Tenn does not know if Madison is alive or dead and the State of Illinois is supporting and harboring Shannon Phillips in this crime. Google and YouTube: dedicated to madion for the video and more on the heroic efforts of one daddy to protect his daughter from the abuses which Madison is subjected to each and every day.

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