Phoning it in

This is a reader comment from earlier today. I posting it here for those who don’t read comments:

I have worked for the city of Pasadena for many years  helping the cities youth get clean from drugs, alcohol and gang life. With so much poverty, death, drugs and gangs in the North side of Pasadena (Above the 210 Fwy) why are you covering a bill for foil balloons? Who cares?

Why aren’t you investigating the constant gang and drug deaths and crime in Pasadena? Why aren’t you writing about the amazing discrepancy between the wealth of southern half of Pasadena (below the 210 Fwy) and the Northern half of Pasadena.

A drive down Orange Grove or Washington Blvds at night feels like your driving through skid row. I thought You were “The Crime Scene” not the foil balloon patrol.. Or have you given up the dream and drive you may have once had to provide information and assistance on crime in Pasadena?

‘casue the way I see it , it seems as though you’ve been phoning it in for quite some time. Sorry if that’s harsh but ist seems that you only report crime that “makes” the news and has already been announced.

Instead of going out there and getting the story and “making” the news. Email me if you want to know about the Mexican Mafia activity in Pasadena or why mothers are selling their children to grown men, or a story on why at least six children from our program ended up dead last year, why black and hispanic gangs were at war in Monrovia, how our youth programs in Pasadena are helping and failing the kids in Pasdena etc. etc. etc.

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  • AP

    Art – I think Frank is showing us how the important issues you are talking about are being ignored by out Senators and our City Council because they are too busy working on banning smoking and mylar balloons.

    Frank isn’t failing us. Pasadena is failing us by making things like smoking and mylar balloons their top priorities.

    Art, also, you can feel free to e-mail me about Mexican Mafia activity in Pasadena. I’d love to read some of that.

  • Mary Kathleen O’Looney

    Foil balloons are destructive to the environment and wildlife and should be banned.

    John and Ken are idiots.

    Once again, more people are willing to protest something of a no brainer than the actual serious issues facing us and threatening life everyday. Like wars!

    “why mothers are selling their children to grown men,” – Art

    I want to know about this! Where is this happening? Oh, by the way–we are not all poor, stupid gang bangers north of the 210. That’s a myth. We are just sleeping through the helicopter noise.

  • Wendy

    I’d would like to read about all that was mentioned above by I believe Frank is there a site to onto? Or you can email me as well.

  • AP

    Am I an idiot too for going to this protest? It’ll be fun! šŸ™‚