Baldwin Park 187 caps weekend crime spree*

Two shots to the chest killed a teenager this afternoon on Ohio Street in Baldwin Park. Few details are available. The killing follows night of violence that saw a robbery and two assaults throughout the town.

It’s unclear if the shooting is related to a stabbing that occurred early Saturday morning at the Circle K.

Two males with shaved head in a dark sedan were reported leaving the scene.

*Regarding the first comment below: In case you didn’t know 187 is the California Penal Code section defining the crime of homicide. In the categories section of the blog I list several such penal code sections like 187, including 211 for armed robbery and 245 for assault with a deadly weapon.

Hope that clears the confusion.


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  • Robert Fitzgerald

    Please explain “Baldwin Park 187 caps weekend crime spree”. What are we supposed to be, mindreaders? This statement makes no sense to me.