Eased — No Triple Crown

I had such high hopes. But another Belmont is over and there’s no Triple Crown winner.

You have to wonder about the crack on Big Brown’s hoof and how it affected his performance on the 1 1/2 mile track.

Kent Desormeaux had some excuses ..the heat a stumble “long before we went into the last turn. I had no horse.”

Desormeaux said there’s no relationship between the heel and the sorry finish.

Maybe next year. There’s a reason why the Triple Crown is the hardest accomplishment in sports — three races in four weeks — a grueling pace…for the equine athletes


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  • Berta

    Yes, inddeed, it is a grueling pace which merely emphasizes the greatness of those that did achieve this status! Some thirty years have passed since last accomplished and I too got caught in the “hype” putting my $20.00 investment on Big Brown…

  • Local Boy

    Had a little more than that on Dennis of Cork. Oh well, just glad Big Brown is OK.

  • Berta

    By the way I read an article which I found very interesting; it was directed towards the choice that Kent made in pulling Big Brown out of the running in spite of the boos and financial aspirations of the owners . There aren’t enough words that I could write to commend Kent’s actions & can only hope that others will recognize his integrity. These magnificent animals give their heart and their lives to those that command them…..