“Lucky to be alive”


To: News Room
From: Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna, Verdugo Fire Academy Glendale, Ca.


At approximately 9:45 a.m. on Saturday June 7th, I was traveling on the West Bound 210 freeway approximately 1/4 mile before the 605 interchange. I noticed a light bit of smoke developing.


I pulled to the right and noticed a semi-truck overturned becoming well involved with fire. I stopped to attempt what appeared to be an obvious trapped person in the burning truck. Never in my 28 year career did I witness the occupant stumbling around in shock with
multiple cuts, abrasions and burns with possible broken bones.

I got the victim to a safe location and started administering first aid. The truck was becoming more involved with fire. I called Los Angeles County Fire Dispatch Center who advised me units were en route.

Apparently the victim kicked out the windshield and jumped approximately 20 feet into a storm drain (the truck flew off the high interchange (approximately 30 feet) of the 210/605 freeway and landed on the Mount Olive Drive exit. Had he missed the Mount Olive Drive he
would have fallen another 30 feet into the storm drains on both sides.

This gentlemen is certainly lucky to be alive!

Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna

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