Shooting victim related to previous shooting victims

Detective said Sunday that the 16-year-old Baldwin Park boy killed in a drive-by shooting Saturday afternoon was related to a man and woman targeted in a fatal car-to-car shooting last month.

Ruben Chavera, who died at the scene of Saturday’s shooting on Illinois Street near Idaho Street, is the cousin of 22-year-old Richard Pope, who died as the result of a May 20 shooting only a block away at the intersection of Ramona Boulevard and Merced Avenue, a homicide detective said.

Chavera’s sister was also inside the car when Pope was fatally shot, but was not seriously injured, officials said.

Investigators believe there’s a good chance the two shootings are related.

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  • Diane

    First off I need to correct everybody about this article! Ruben Chavera is NO BLOOD RELATION to Richard Pope!I’m Ruben’s aunt and Ruben is in no way related to Richard Pope! Please correct your story and please stop mispelling my nephew’s name! Get your facts straight before you publish articles please!

  • Diana

    I must agree with Ruben’s aunt. I am his sister in law and i cant believe the tribune cant get stories straight. If its not his family telling you any of this, then dont print the article. We do not need to worry about what mistyped article you guys will write next.