“Some juicy details”

This comes from reporter Amanda Baumfeld:

Didn’t know if you’d like to post some juicy details about the El Monte barricade but it got kinda crazy.

So Watchara had the brilliant idea of having us walk around to a side street. We got a front seat view of everything. It broke down like a movie. As were walking towards the house we heard the SWAT team get on a loud speaker, “This is the U.S. Marshall and El Monte Police Department. We know you’re in there. Come out with your hands up.”

Then all of a sudden we see them just bust out the front windows and then pop two things of tear gas in the home. But the noise was so loud it definitely sounded like gunshots. A group of people claiming to be related to German Palacios, a person of interest in the April 12th murder of Jack Edward Hicks, stood right by us crying and waiting to see what was happening.

One more shot of tear gas before officers emerged from the home with Palacios in custody.

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