Hot air fills balloon debate

There was a rally of sorts at Pasadena’s Memorial Park Wednesday. KFI’s John and Ken brought about 75 listeners out to express their anger about state Sen. Jack Scott’s proposal to ban Mylar balloons.

I thought the event would be fun, as these two guys are pretty good as expressing the welled up angst and anger of their demographic (which I fall into) …But honestly I was kind of bored.

The KFI crew seemed pretty bored too.

For what its worth, Ken looked downright angry at times, especially during a couple of very minor technical snafus.

That said, I thought the latex balloon effigy of Jack Scott was pretty cool

In the end, I heard more “facts” and “figures” about Mylar balloons in an hour yesterday than I’ve heard about the Lakers/Celtics series on Sports talk radio this week. I think it would have been more fun if Kobylt and Chiampou camped outside Staples Center to protest fixed NBA officiating, or perhaps they could have set up shop in front of LA City Hall to find out why Mayor Villaraigosa’s transportation deputy drives a Hummer.

OK. By way of full disclosure, I’ve seen these guys do two other remote shows.

One was outside OJ’s Brentwood house in the days after Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were slashed to death — but before OJ was arrested. They were pretty entertaining that day …there’s even a YouTube video of the event —where I’ve seen a much younger version of me interviewing somebody.

The other was in the protest pit outside the 1996 Rebuplican Convention in San Diego. That was pretty funny, because as I remember it John and Ken picked a slow day and seemed desperate to talk to somebody who was mad about Bob Dole (as if he had a chance).

Those shows were a lot more fun, even without Pasadena dignitary Aaron Proctor on hand to provide some comic relief.

BTW, former KFI Talkshow host John Ziegler thinks these shows are completely phony. Here’s his Web site recalling his stint at the station.

Here’s John and Ken defending their antics.

Here’s my pictures:
















A balloon effigy of state Sen. Jack Scott.
















As you can see the “rally” turnout was pretty low.














Pasadena gadfly and politician and wrestling promoter Aaron Proctor providing the laughs.

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  • Ap

    Closer to 5 pm, there were a LOT more than 75 people there..

    I had fun and it was nice to meet you in person.

    – AP

  • thought radio

    John and Ken Ewwwwwwwwwww……………

  • You are thorough.