A crazy tale

This from Brian Day:

It begins like a joke.,..two guys walk into a bank …and hilarity ensues… Sadly ending in a high speed crash on a residential street.

Police responded to a report of a robbery in the parking lot of B of A on Azusa Avenue in Hacienda Heights.

No one knows what happened next or at least between the two men, but both men claimed the other tried to rob him. When cops arrived one of the men fled across the street into a neighborhood and hid on a rooftop. He was found and arrested pretty quick.

The other guy jumped into a ’80s Oldsmobile and sped off from the bank parking lot at high speed. Cops called for a helicopter and chased the old Olds on Wedgeworth Drive where it crashed into a parked Toyota…. (BTW this is pretty close to Monday’s copper theft from the Little League) and pursuit went near Wilson High and an elementary school…. 

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    this post should have been entitled, Garbled Gobbldygook.

    now, what happened?