Miller v Lopez again

This note comes from Jude Lopez regarding the America’s Most Wanted Web site and its description of his missing daughter Jennifer Lopez DeJongh and her three children.

Here’s what Jude wrote:

I was looking at the America’s Most Wanted website and it occurred to me that my daughter and her kids were listed as “white.”  While I realize that is the correct race for Hispanics, the website does classify Hispanic and white as different. And, they considered children from White/Hispanic parents as “biracial”. So why is my daughter considered as white when she is 100% Hispanic?  I trace my family from 1622 when they came from Spain and settled in Northern Mexico which later became part of the U.S.  My wife’s mother was born in Mexico and is still a citizen of that country.  Her father was born in Colorado but both his parents were born in Mexico.

Maybe, someone is ashamed that the children are “biracial.”  Or, maybe they just want to be racially correct?


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  • Joker

    Jude, white or hispanic, your daughter is going to look the same in a jumpsuit and behind bars.

    If this topic is the most of your worries, you are the most pathetic human being I have ever heard of! Your ignorance truly amazes me!

  • angelbec


    This should be the least of your problems at the moment …

  • Are you foreal?

    Jude, You keep hanging yourself with your own rope! It’s better for people to think your an idiot, then to open your mouth and prove it! WOW! By the way, since your looking at the America’s Most Wanted website why don’t you call in a tip? We, all know you know where she is…..She will be caught very soon. Just,a matter of time Jude-boy!

  • on looker

    Are you being serious? You are great comedy Jude. Your daughter has kidnapped three children and is hiding from the police on your dime and you are worried about the description put out. They put out what they feel will help people recognize them which incase you have not noticed, they all look white. I hope you are not holding onto that for your safety net. Your family and all that you have worked to build is crumbling and all because you raised your kids to feel they are above everyone else and to trash anyone who they dont agree with. Good job! You ruined your kids lives and now you have ruined yours and your wifes future security. By the way, how does your wife really feel about the fact that her husband has pushed her grandkids into hiding and turned her daughter into a fugitive on AMW? I am sure she is real proud of you. Is she going to be Ok when you lose your home to pay all the legal fees? Maybe your son will have to get a job and he can support her for a change. How does your daughters husbands mother feel about the fact that you and your daughter convinced her son to go on the run based on all your family lies? I bet she is onto you by now. Is there anyone in your life who you have not failed? Probably not which is why you are bringing up a description of white and Hispanic.

  • was a Lopez supporter

    You know what? I was feeling bad for Jenny and her family for awhile but these people need help, mental help that is. what a con man. This girl kidnaps kids and he wants to talk bad about a tv show that has captured hundreds of bad guys over white or hispanic. I agree with on looker. They look white to me. All I know is that I am glad I did not marry that man. Its nice to have a stand up man who is a role model for our daughters and their kids. Where is jenny’s husband’s mom anyway? does she not care enough about her son to do the right thing? I guess she is no better than Jude Sr. The slippery fish swim together.

  • This guys a joke

    White or Hispanic? Come on Frank, Why are you embrassing this man? Don’t publish his craziness, I’m glad he is proving to you what a petty foolish man he really is. Now don’t you feel foolish for supporting Jen and crew? All the hype has cooled down….Expect a letter real soon.Hey Jude, it’s better for people to think your an idiot, then to open your mouth and prove it!