Boricuas caught?

10982-armed_boricuas_bandits_01-thumb-300x140.jpgThere’s word on the street that two of the three Armed Boricua bandits have been caught in San Diego.

The trio is responsible for robberies in Upland and Walnut according to the FBI’s LA Bank Robbers Web site.

Wachovia bank had offered a reward.



2 Hispanic Male and 1 Hispanic Female, 5 feet 5 to 5 feet 9, 145, 25 to 35
Robbed in Upland and Walnut

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  • AP

    Remember the tag team Los Boricuas in the WWF circa 1998/1999?

    Savio Vega!

  • johnny centeno

    I wish lisa could tell use what shes goin through and i kno the guys were messin wit her head. she would never do something like this out of anywhere im one of her ex and we talked alot. 7years we been friends and i miss her im prayin for her and her kids because they need there mother. im really hurt by this news but im gonna keep prayin for u baby i miss u and wish u the best. love u ur jersey boi Johnny

  • samantha

    i would just like to say that i strongly disagree with what the man above me said. I knew one of the guys my whole life and i would never think he was capable of doing something like this, but he mad the choice just as well as the other two did. also Lisa did not look pressed at all she was the one with a weapon and the one threating people .

  • maryjane

    i have one thing to say to every body that is reading this and sending there personal comments, i may or not know these people but thats no ones business but ares, i might know them, i might know her but never would i blame one of them more then the other, they are all grown and they all know what they do so never point the finger at one, and not the rest so this is were i express my self,, why dont you all keep your fucked up commints to your self and stop putting these three down they are going through to much already and one more thing love makes you do some crazy shit
    sencierly maryjane

  • unkwon

    Lisa real name Elizabeth is a deadbeat mom to Elijah and is a phycptic chick… knowing her well she was probably the ring leader fulled by crack cocaine her drug of choice. trust me she is a dirty drug addict. Beware of this girl…I don’t personally know the men.

  • bri bri

    cant believe she would do something like dis i was so close to her i looked up to her i agree wit u johnny i wish she wouldnt have done this

  • mechelle

    well i was one of her cellies in jail and i think she is a strait up personshe kept it gangster during the whole time i was with her there were moments we were have a good time

  • J-lova

    She was one of my hoes, she sold for me and put out for me. She be a straight up gangsta.

  • Boricua

    Look here all u stupid people get a lfe and leave my family ALONE you guys all helped in getting her caught up with all these stupid comments crap…nd i no who u r puting her sons name on blast you may feel lucky Now but you wont b lucky for long