Underwear thief prowling Pasadena

I don’t know the full details of this story, but it’s among several proposed to run in the Star-News Thursday morning. Here’s what we will report:

A local burglar has been rummaging through some upper class Pasadena homes, but he is not after jewels or gold. This thief has been stealing women’s underwear and fleeing the scene, police and residents say.

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4 thoughts on “Underwear thief prowling Pasadena

  1. No joke:

    I used to have this boss that lived in Pasadena that wore women’s underwear.

    Maybe it’s him?

  2. I use to work at a dealership where one of our employees was arrested for being the city’s “panty bandit”. This was probably about nine years ago and it was pretty scary. I hear that this kind of crime can become violent at times.

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