Robbers don president masks in takeover

ARCADIA — Two men wearing Halloween masks bound an employee as they robbed a Radio Shack Thursday, authorities said.
The incident occurred shortly after 10 a.m. at the store, located at 1435 S. Baldwin Ave., said Arcadia police Lt. Bob Anderson.
Two men entered the store wearing “presidential-style” masks and ordered the lone employee into the bathroom at gunpoint, Anderson said.
After binding the employees eyes and mouth with tape, they ordered him to stay in the bathroom, Anderson said.
The robbers stole money from the employee, and unknown merchandise from the store before fleeing, he said.
The employee was discovered by a Fed-Ex delivery man about 15 minutes after the robbery, Anderson said.
The robbers were described only as Latino men of average height and weight, said Anderson.
The employee was not injured, he said.

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  • AP

    Damn..ruins my plans this weekend to rob a bank dressed as Chester A. Arthur.

  • AP

    Point Break 2?

  • Ray

    Interesting robbery; wonder how much cash a Radio Shack Clerk carries in his pocket and what type of merchandise the suspects carried out the door in broad daylight wearing masks and carrying guns.
    First thought is a practice run for a bank take-over…but?
    I’m sure the business has great video of incident; that’s the products they sell, security camera systems.Hope they share with SGV Tribune. PLEASE don’t say “No Comment”.