Another Ham and Egger in the house


Aaron Proctor, the most electrifying man in blog entertainment, mailed his nearly famous ham and egg award to our very own prep professor Fred Robledo. Here’s Fred holding the award aloft at his cubicle!

Fred’s going to make up for the win, covering the annual high school Hall of Fame game at Bassett High School tonight. Oh, why did he get it? For watching a sports event on tv in the newsroom….hmm isn’t that what sportswriters are paid to do?

Can’t tell you how many Monday Night Football games and episodes of RAW I’ve watched here…quite a few to be sure. 

BTW I think Aaron might want to consider branching out to Monrovia for the next installment.. apparently Mayor Rob Hammond is recycling material for his letters to the editor.

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  • AP

    This is great!

  • frazgo

    Duhhhh…I can’t believe you said that! Of course I’d welcome Aaron’s view of Monrovia. Much better fodder than Pasadena if you like that political lampoon stuff.