Yearbook redo *

The controversial Charter Oak High School yearbook, that substituted racially charged monikers for kids in the Black Student Union, may be reprinted, according to reporter Amanda Baumfeld. She’s filed a brief story this afternoon:

COVINA – Charter Oak High School is considering reprinting and replacing pages of its yearbook that have offensive and incorrect names, officials said Friday.

School Principal Kathleen Wiard said she is working with the book’s publisher to replace index pages of the school’s 2008 Chronicle.

“Students put incorrect names throughout the index and did not go back and correct them,” Wiard said Friday. “Most are not as offensive as the Black Student Union names but none the less they are incorrect.”

The possible reprint comes after a yearbook staff student replaced nine BSU student names with fake names – such as “Tay Tay Shaniqua,” “Crisphy Nanos” and “Laquan White” – next to their club photo in the yearbook.

*Drudge has linked to the story giving it national attention. It will be interesting to see if school administrators are going to take the incident seriously now. How long until we see this on O’Reilly or Hannity? 

*It never ceases to amaze me how a story like this yearbook snafu gets national coverage and the senseless murder of an innocent 12-year-old by urban terrorists gets ignored… 


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  • Tay Tay Shaniqua

    My name is TayTay Shaniqua and I find it racist my name is considered a racially charged slur. Please pay $10,000 to The Reverend Jesse Sharpton. Thank you.

  • us

    Can you honestly say our local media (YOU GUYS!) do a decent job at covering (never mind investigating) the local senseless murders? Might you consider running a multi-part story on the murders in the SGV to date (in 08)and how many have been solved? Of course not, the murders and deaths just give you news guys something to work on while biding your time for your paycheck.

    Where are the follow up stories on any of these murders? Since both you and the tv newscast seem to report the same tired sh+t, it might make sense for you guys to get together and make a concerted effort to draw attention (and resources) to the problem.

    And calling gangsters urban terrorist might make for sexy headlines but nothing else.

  • 5th Estate

    Tragically the murder of a 12 year old doesn’t garner national attention because it happened in a predominately minority neighborhood.The Mainstream media views it as a dog bites man story. All the outrage won’t bring back the young victim, no disrespect intended but it is still possible to reprint the year books.

    I would like to see the faculty adviser reprimanded.

    I would like to see the urban terrorists dragged through the streets and what is left of them imprisoned for life.

    Which do you think will occur 1st?

  • Local Boy

    Yeah they’re not “urban terrorists” Frank. Ushole likes to refer to them as his “friends”.

    I’ll repost later what for some mysterious reason didn’t post on your gang stupidity later Professor Che. I have more presing matters to deal with.

  • Arrilatrams
  • COHS Alumni

    I can’t believe this is being blown up so much. A stupid boy made a mistake by putting in these names, which he never intended to have printed. He wanted to go over the page later and replace them with real names. He was an idiot, and has been punished.

    The yearbook advisor should not be punished in any way. How could she have found this? The yearbook is over 300 pages long. If any of you have worked on a yearbook staff before, you will realize what a stressful situation it is at the end of the year to send the yearbook to the printers. How could she have seen this mistake, when it was buried in a long line of pages, showing all the clubs on campus? The picture, like all the others, was small, and the type beneath it, with all the names, was even smaller.

    Please get the right information before condemning Charter Oak and all the people in it.