Two homicides overnight

CBS 2 KCAL is reporting two homicides overnight. One in West Covina. Victim there remains unidentified.

The other incident was reported in Altadena. I’ve got some emails about the Altadena incident that I’ll post on the jump. Here’s the news story:

LOS ANGELES At least two men were gunned down in Los Angeles Friday night, according to officials.

The first homicide, in West Covina, was reported about 11:20, said West Covina police Lt. Tommy Garcia.

Responding to a “shots fired” call, police found the body of a young man in a yard near 1450 W. Puente Ave.

The victim’s name was withheld pending notification of his family.

Meanwhile, in Altadena, another man was fatally shot about 1:10 a.m.

The victim in that shooting was declared dead at the hospital.

The shooting occured in the 100 block of Figueroa Drive, according to Deputy Rick Pedroza of the Sheriff’s Headquarter’s Bureau.

Detectives are investigating the circumstances that led up to the shooting and searching for a suspect.

As for my emails …




Dunno what’s up with this neighborhood; what sounded like a riot at about 1am. Teens — at least 25 I’d guess, maybe as many as 40? Couldn’t see, wasn’t gonna go walk there. Girls screaming and pleading, yelling “NO NO NO!”; guys yelling in threatening manners, everyone shouting and, it sounded like, running or moving about. At least 6 sheriffs’ cars, but they could not seem to find the location, drove out to Fair Oaks then came back, circling — many of the houses on Navarro and Figueroa have really long driveways and the properties are behind the ones nearer the street.

They must’ve thought it was gonna be really really bad — one ambulance, paramedic and firetruck went east on Figueroa past Glenrose, they also parked another fire truck, ambulance and paramedic on Glenrose facing north as if they were being held in reserve. Even one (maybe two? couldn’t see well) Pasadena Police car showed up. Helicopter circling; could not seem to find them or maybe looking for some who had run away. Eventually the sheriffs and police left at a high rate of speed (going east), and the reserve EMT/fire units reversed and went south on Glenrose. Helicopter came back for a few mins just about 10 mins ago, then left again. Very weird.

Hope you can find out about it, but given how little info the sheriffs seem to be willing to share, I’d bet that you get another “no comment” or “we never heard of that”.


ps — today there is a shrine setup on the north side sidewalk on Figueroa, about midway between Fair Oaks and Glenrose, near the “T” with Navarro. Haven’t yet been able to catch up with any of the neighbors that we know well to find out any details. More sheriffs interviewing neighbors this morning


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  1. Does anyone know what’s going with the police roadblock on southbound Azusa Ave south of Amar? Most of the cars were being pulled over and I saw one family’s car getting impounded, but my car was waved through.

  2. did anyone hear about tha kid who got shot by another student from another school in south gate ca.

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