Father and son laid to rest

Twelve-year-old Albert Garcia and his father Juan were buried in Riverside Monday at a private ceremony.

Montebello police continue to badger the family about talking to the media, while they are apparently making little progress in their investigation. I received this note from a family member regarding police pressure in the case:

The cops told (the family) to not talk to the press because we were going to ruin the case.

I wonder if this is the sort police communication with citizens that Montebello’s new city council approves of?



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  • Anonymous

    Montebello Police are too busy harrassing people for stupid reasons instead of being out doing their job. They get called and show up an hour later and when they don’t get called and see a couple of kids sitting outside they bring gang units and about 4 other cop cars and waste tax dollars. Instead of pulling people over for tinted windows go look for the killers of this young man.