It’s a Moe Monday

The escape of Moe the Chimp from his compound in Devore has created somewhat of a stir in the newsroom.

Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred will hold a press conference this afternoon with Moe’s parent’s St. James and LaDonna Davis, at her office on Wilshire in Los Angeles this afternoon.

The search for Moe continues in the dense and brushy mountains near Devore. Three reporters will be covering this story for the paper tomorrow.

Here in the nerve center of the operation we are split into two factions: Those who want Moe coverage and those who want No Moe coverage. What do you think?

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21 thoughts on “It’s a Moe Monday

  1. The whole situation about Moe, the injury of the Mr and Mrs Davis and now Moe’s escape all are a result of City’s demand the Davis family had to surrender Moe to primate compound.

    It is news based on the events are a direct result of the City’s action.

    Frank– Keep us in the loop.

  2. Yes, it was the City’s very wise decision to move Moe.

    I remember visiting WCPD Officer Marcos Plebani in a hospital room as he battled a life threatening infection caused by Moe’s unique bacteria after Moe bit him during his mid-90s escape. I remember a gregarious man barely conscious and fighting for his life all because of a supposedly harmless primate.

    I’m sure Moe is generally kind and even tempered, and smart as primates are. But, he doesn’t belong in a City like that.

    The City got very lucky that day – someone could easily have been killed. That someone was nearly Marcos Plebani – but it could have been many more.

  3. Personally, I’m really tired of hearing about the Davis family and Moe. Is there not more important news to cover on a daily basis than the ongoing saga of this chimp? I’m am glad that the city had Moe removed, and the Davis family should realize that just because they have a chimp as a pet, does not mean they could keep it as they would a dog or a cat.

  4. Yes… Please keep up detailed coverage about Moe and his family. I pray that they find him quickly and that he is well. They should have left Moe and his family alone and this, along with other horrible events would have not happened. FREE MOE! Let him return to his family now so he can live out the rest of his live (and that of his mom & dad) in peace!

    God Bless…

  5. Moe and his family and friends are in my prayers. I hope that he is found quickly and without harm. With all that has happened, they should let Moe return to his family now.

    I’d rather have Moe and his family living next door to me rather than some of these irresponsible parents with their gangbanger kids who want to do nothing but shoot, kills, rob, and spraypaint the neighborhood.

    I am happy that Gloria Alread is still representing Moe and his family. She is a total ballbuster! If anyone hurts a tiny hair on Moe, they will be sorry.

    I am praying for Moe’s safe return. Let him live in peace with his family!

  6. In the absence of a Britney Spears incident in the SGV, Moe will have to do. . .. My condolences to those who are required to cover the story.

  7. “Three reporters will be covering this story for the paper tomorrow.”

    Slow news day, huh? Good thing you have lots of extra reporters laying around, and nothing else happening.

  8. Hope Moe is found safe and sound and he is not hurt in the process. I feel for the Davis family. It was heartbreaking to see them on the news tonight. They love Moe like a child. What is wrong with that? We need more love on this planet. Please keep us up to date. Moe should have never been taken away from his family.

  9. I agree with the comment above. I would rather live next door to Moe than live next door to a bunch of irresponsible parents and their out of control kids. At least Moe would not run around the neighborhood with a spray paint can and steal my car. Wish Moe a safe return to his family.

  10. I hope they find him soon. He’s probably scared to death. At least it’s not cold. The Davis’s obviously love Moe, that’s been evident for years. Maybe West Covina was the wrong place for acceptance of something special.

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