Chimp Patrol … Where’s Moe?


Reporter Brian Day is on “Chimp Patrol” today. He’s keeping track of all the moving and shaking going on in the search for the missing marsupial monkey  ape.

Meanwhile the powers that be here in the newsroom are thinking of ways to capitalize on Mo Mania

“We can market shirts, coffee mugs, kites, commerative dvds with outtake videos, mouse pads;  mice shaped like Moe,” said one skilled marketeer.

“Yeah and when people order it we tell em we can’t find it …it’s missing,” said another brilliant newsroom mind.

Meanwhile, I’m unveiling our official Chimp Patrol logo — its at left.

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  • Suzee Della Donna

    Ok, enough already about the saga of Moe. I have a crazy neighbor. I know that most people do. This couple is suffering from a myriad of psychiatric issues and I fail to see why their dysfunction warrants a spot on the front page.

    Moe probably wandered off into the wilderness, as do many animals, to die in peace. The story should do the same.

  • Hey, just use any picture of George W. Bush!

    We are all chimps, I mean CHUMPS!

  • Patrick

    Pronunciation: \-wr-th\
    Function: adjective
    Date: 1932
    : interesting enough to the general public to warrant reporting.

    I fail to see where it says, “unless the story is about a chimp”. Last time I checked, I was part of the general public and I am interested and it seems as though those who don’t think Moe warrants all this coverage are interested too! Besides, the Davis’s have been in the news for years. That alone makes anything Moe does relevant to coverage. The L.A. Times had their own in-depth story today about Moe on the front page of their B-section. There is no local B-section in the Tribune, where else is the story suppose to go?

  • Sharon

    I’m normally not a stuffy anal retentive person and do have a sense of humor, but c’mon… No jokes.. This is really a sad situation for Moe and his family.

    If you are going to make jokes about Moe, you should do the same for the other news that you cover… like other missing persons, the people getting killed by drive by’s, the parent’s who can’t afford to pay for their kid’s burial expenses, stupid gangbangers, incompetent parents who should not have a child in the first place with babydaddy #4, illegal aliens, etc.

    When your child or loved one goes missing, I look forward to joking about that and laughing my ass off at you.

  • AP

    Where’s that CM Punk coverage?

  • Local Boy

    Didn’t know I was living on The Planet of the Apes. Bottom line is that Moe is an animal. Give the story a day because he’s a “famous” local animal but there’s so much more important news. Moe gets covered for days and nothing about the L.A. Gangster who became the “15 million dollar gangster” when Rampart shot him and now he gets arrested for the third time since.

    You can take the rat out of the hood but not the hood out of the rat.