Hands-free Tuesday*


We’re halfway through hands-free Tuesday and cell phone users ignoring the new law are apparently plentiful.

I know I saw at least two people talking on the phone this a.m. on my way in. Both had something in common: both were women and both were driving slow and I was stuck behind ’em.

We’ve had reporters and photogs out in the field doing ride-alongs and they’ve seen some interesting stuff today.

KFI reporter Shannon Farren said she spotted nine people using their cell phones westbound on the 10 between downton and the 405 this morning. One was using the phone and smoking.

*As for now, I’m suffering through an extreme case of nomophobia.

Here’s the photo caption:

Here’s California Highway Patrol officer Joe Zizi from the Santa Fe Springs CHP office gives a citation to a female on Rose Hills Road in Whittier for Hands-Free Cell Phone violation on July 1, 2008.  Today is the first day the law goes into effect.  The La Habra woman, who did not want to give her name, said she had been working too long and forgot about the new law. (Raul Roa) 


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  • AP

    Did she just hear about sliced bread, too?

  • 5th Estate

    What? Lady drivers! We’ll I’ll be…………

  • Karen

    Bet you $100 bucks that the lady’s dog even knew about the new law.

    Working too much? Don’t we all do that?

    Guess she will now have to work even more to pay off that ticket.