No mo’ Moe?

Web readers are giving us differing opinions about Moe the Chimp coverage.

Crime Scene readers seem in favor of the coverage, while readers of the home page are against it.

We’ll keep on top of it throughout the day and may consider switching to coverage of CM Punk.

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  • AP

    I highly support CM Punk news.

  • Anonymous

    God I hate Moe. I hope he turns up dead.

  • AP

    Don’t you just love Santino Marrella, Frank Geraldo? (that’s what I think he’d call you)

  • L.C. Manning

    I’m not sure why Anonymous wishes death on an innocent animal – just so coverage of Moe will stop? Odd. Not to mention heartless and disgusting. I do agree, however, that continued coverage of is not really necessary. It’s wonderful that the Davis’s care so much for Moe and his wellbeing, but he is a large, powerful, semi-wild animal who should not be living in a residential area (i.e., their home in West Covina). I hope he is found safe and returned to a place where he is respected, treated well, has room to roam and be with others of his species.

    God bless Moe.

  • jose

    Humans just never learn not to mess with wild animals. These people didn’t learn their lesson , even after his face was bitten right off! Abort the baby, save the chimp! Crazy society.