• AP

    I highly support CM Punk news.

  • Anonymous

    God I hate Moe. I hope he turns up dead.

  • AP

    Don’t you just love Santino Marrella, Frank Geraldo? (that’s what I think he’d call you)

  • L.C. Manning

    I’m not sure why Anonymous wishes death on an innocent animal – just so coverage of Moe will stop? Odd. Not to mention heartless and disgusting. I do agree, however, that continued coverage of is not really necessary. It’s wonderful that the Davis’s care so much for Moe and his wellbeing, but he is a large, powerful, semi-wild animal who should not be living in a residential area (i.e., their home in West Covina). I hope he is found safe and returned to a place where he is respected, treated well, has room to roam and be with others of his species.

    God bless Moe.

  • jose

    Humans just never learn not to mess with wild animals. These people didn’t learn their lesson , even after his face was bitten right off! Abort the baby, save the chimp! Crazy society.