Blogger reports race crime in Arcadia

The From Noise to Voice blog of an Arcadia resident reports a frightening find on the street outside his home:

This morning, I found our mailbox in pieces, laying on the ground, ran over by a car during the night. My house is next to a high traffic intersection. It’s not a strange thing a car jumped the curb and ran up to the sidewalk. It has happened before…

As I was picking up the pieces, I found a note stuffed inside the mailbox…How nice, I thought to myself, the guy is nice enough to leave me his/her contact information…

Boy, was I wrong! I found the scribble be…


My message to the person who did this…

First of all, I am an American! A Chinese American, proud to be!!! Go home? Home is here!!! If you don’t like it, YOU GO HOME!!! You are a coward! You did this hiding in the dark of the night…

Here’s the rest of the entry

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  • 5th Estate

    Wow! I am stunned and so sorry nobody should have to go through this.

    This is shocking and a big deal.

  • Robert C. J. Parry

    That is really bothersome. You’d think we’d pretty much have snuffed that kinda crap out by this point of the 21st century.

  • berdo

    Did this happen last night or the night before? My wife told me that walls from el monte ave from AHS to Las Tunas was tagged. this kind of crap happens on a regular basis when kids have nothing better to do on a hot summer night. i hope apd steps up their patrol this summer to counter such crap.

  • That’s terrible, fight it, don’t let them intimidate you.

  • AP

    1. Whoever did this is an idiot.

    2. If someone isn’t fond of Asians, why do they live in Arcadia?

    3. Whoever did this is also a wuss.