Moe the chimp has taken over the blog-o-sphere. Here’s some other views on West Covina’s favorite simian: says “Monkey Flee, Monkey Do.”

Overlawyered has some interesting links and a comprehensive legal history of the Moe story.

Monkeys in the news, a blog that does just what it promises; ie; puts monkeys in the news.

As Maine goes is moe-tivated by the coverage;

Huffington Post gets in on the act.

The Chum Slick (“written by an actual shark”)  praises St. James and LaDonna Davis for their commitment to Moe.

While we can’t really endorse the housepetification of wildlife, we admire the Davis’s commitment to Moe. Most people don’t even have that kind of commitment to their own children. We hope Moe is safe in the overdeveloped “wilds” of Southern California.

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    And yet, no links to me..the King of the Blogosphere?

  • I know it sounds crazy but this reminded me of Abraham Lincoln’s: “Everybody likes a compliment.”