Chemical plant explosion *

Reporter Brian Day is near the scene of a chemical plant explosion in the 700 block of South 7th Street in Industry  evacuations are possibly planned police are being to told to wear gas masks..

*The explosion and fire was at the Quemetco battery plant, according to Brian who now has a visual on the fire.

*Quemetco has a long history of run ins with neighbors and the AQMD over emmissions. We will be updating our online story as soon as we get more information.

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  • Frank Lim

    Thanks to Tribune reporting on this hazardous material accident, I will now take a different route home from Downtown L.A. to Walnut and simply avoid the Seventh/Salt Lake area. I have it easy. But for the deputies, firefighters, and first responders who answered this perilous call not knowing what to expect, I and I’m sure others thank you for your bravery and what you did to protect the surrounding businesses and residents.