Moe’d down

A longtime subscriber from Walnut called this morning to say she’s had enough of Moe the Chimp. Here’s a short transcript of what she told me:


“I think we’ve had enough of Moe on the front page I’d like to see world events on the front page I dont’ think it should be that way.
I’m a long time subscriber in Walnut and what’s important in this world today is our safety not Moe the Chimp. We need other news on the front page and Moe needs to go inside the paper.

Meanwhile, Moe’s adventure through a nudist camp is heating up the blogs. Here’s a sample:

A “Morning Zoo” show in Florida had this headline, Toilet-trained chimp on the run in Calif. Forest. Here’s the link to WFLS.

Monkeys in the news goes with the nudist and rattlesnakes angle here

Trials and Trebulations has this story: “Moe and the US Celebrate Freedom”

Blogger Jessica Hardy reprints an Associates Press article then takes it to the Davises and Jungle Exotics:

Let’s talk about the chimp being subjected to summersaults or better yet jumping through hoops of fire or riding on an elephant’s back wearing a dress and some lipstick. With the name Jungle Exotic, I can only imagine what else might be going on between animals. If I was being molested for human purposes, I’d rather die in the wild too.


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