Pasadena hostage situation underway *it’s over*


A man with a gun has apparently taken a hostage in Pasadena near the intersection of Michigan and Walnut, officials said. We are monitoring the situation.

This is occurring at a Massage Parlor, approximately 1190 block of Walnut 

As of 5:33 a man is in custody …no one was hurt.

The man apparently came out waving a white t shirt when threatened by a Pasadena PD sharpshooter.

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  • ANON1

    This is one instance in which law enforcement are hoping for a happy ending at the massage parlor.

  • ANON1

    Finally, law enforcement have given a happy ending to the massage parlor.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the breaking news. I came home via Wilson and was diverted by Police tape. When I finally got to Walnut, it looked like New Year’s Day…. Glad to know that all are ok.

  • AP

    I love Google Street View. I “drove around” my old neighborhood in Philly the other day.