Get your Moe-ter running: A man in a chimp suit

Correspondent Thomas Himes, who is interning here for the summer will be providing periodic Moe the Chimp updates for Crime Scene. He said there’s been reports of a man wearing a chimp suit having been sighted in Devore, near where search and rescue teams are looking for Moe

Here’s his first update of the day…after this Tom is on his own …


Moe’s trail has grown cold. Four dogs were brought in to search for the missing primmate this past weekend, but have yet to find a scent.

“We just need a break, a sighting, a print, something.” Michael McCasland a spokesperson for Moe’s owners said.”We’re comfortable the dogs will be able to find him if they can pick up his scent.”

Searchers are hoping for volunteer helicopter pilots to assist in the search over the next few days.

“We really need helicopters to fly up there and scare him out of the Canyons,” McCasland said.

What would a Moe update be without a link to another site: Here’s what Lassie, Get Help has to say about poor missing Moe, (quoting the Washingotn Post):

Usually, a piece about an escaped chimpanzee is catnip to news editors, especially over a long holiday weekend. Like a good shark attack (or poodle-eating alligators or lurid panda sex), your missing-chimp story is a leafy green perennial of the news business.

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    Any sightings in ElMoente?