Sergio Corona gets a court date

Bethania Palma writes the latest chapter in the Sergio Corona story:

The District Attorney’s office Monday filed misdemeanor charges against a school board member who was Tased and arrested last month, authorities said.

Sergio Corona, 34, was charged with three counts stemming from a May 22 incident in which police Tased him twice and took him into custody, authorities said.

He faces one count each of vandalism, resisting or obstructing an officer and driving without a license.

Corona allegedly admitted to smoking marijuana and methamphetamine earlier that night, according to a police report.

The DA’s office last month sent a toxicology report back to police to confirm results but did not file drug-related charges.


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  • offtherecordsource

    Don’t be surprised if the DA announces at the Corona’s arraignment that a plea bargain has been reached, and that no drug-related charges will be filed since he has agreed to enter a rehab program.

    Also, let it be known that Corona was a political novice when Mayor Manuel Lozano recruited him to run for the Baldwin Park Unified School District, which strengthened Lozano’s political alliance with former Baldwin Park Mayor and current Board of Education President Jack White.

    The San Gabriel Valley Tribune has reported mostly superficial information that many people could obtain on their own, including the information from the highly-redacted police report, which the public can view by clicking on the following web link:

    For example, the Tribune hasn’t reported that the cell phone police confiscated from Corona at the time of his arrest–number (626) 705-7544–apparently was the cell phone issued to him by the district because he is a member of the Board of Education.

    Among the redacted statements that the Tribune did not report that police reportedly attributed to Corona is that he reportedly said, “Tell Manny (Lozano) I’m not gay.”

    There should be no issue about either Mayor Lozano or Board Member Corona being gay. Readers should take issue, however, with the Tribune being notified about Corona’s “gay” comment but apparently deciding not to reasonably pursue confirming the information.

    The City Council’s recent letter to Board President Jack White–asking the Board of Education to ask Corona to resign–represents a breakdown in the political alliance between Jack White and Mayor Lozano, who seems intent on distancing himself from the role both he and White played in lifting Corona to political office.

    As the story of Corona’s alleged crime continues, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune should report about the poor judgment Mayor Manuel Lozano and Board of Education President Jack White exercised in the first place. They played a part in attempting to manipulate city politics for personal gain and instead created the foundation for this embarrassing scandal for the people of Baldwin Park.

    After all, the people of Baldwin Park should be concerned about the fact that schools in Baldwin Park, with an estimated annual budget of about $150 million last year, are the biggest business in the city.