The Pittsburgh Steelers of Industry?

This from the Wall Street Journal (h/t Reporter G):


The storied Pittsburgh Steelers football franchise has been secretly shopped to potential buyers amid continuing divisions among the five sons of the team’s founder, Art Rooney Sr.

The talks affect not only one of America’s iconic sports franchises, but one of its most fabled sports families. Steelers Chairman Dan Rooney, who helped build the National Football League and is the oldest of the five sons, wants to consolidate his control by acquiring most of his brothers’ shares in the Steelers over 10 years, those briefed on the talks said.

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  • The Steelers logo always makes me think of Monsanto.

  • click

  • 5th Estate

    The giant eyeball on the other end of the microscope always freaked me out but not as much as thinking I might remain the size of a snowflake.

  • us

    I read the article and linked blog and found absolutely nothing worth substantiating your blogline…go figure.

  • AP

    Get them out of PA. There’s only one real Pennsylvania team..and that’s the Iggles.