A new name for Moe

Various reporters and editors in the newsroom have been racking their brains to come up with a nickname for Moe the Chimp, who is still missing. Intern Thomas Himes suggests Moe-dini; while Managing editor Steve Hunt prefers Moe-squatch.

Crime Scene wants to know which you prefer (or perhaps you want to make one up?)
Here’s our poll:

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  • Here’s the suggestions so far(fyi)

    moe’z-gone wild
    Moe mentum

  • Howzabout:

    See no evil/Speak no evil/Here no Moe
    Goin’ Moe-bile
    Moe-bius Trip
    The Great Esc-Ape
    Chimp off the old block

  • Anonymous


  • AP

    How about “Somebody already caught him and sold him on the black market?”