Boy kidnapped in El Monte **UPDATE

I just overheard this bit of news on the 10 o’clock FOX 11 local news segment.

(I apologize now for the sketchy details…I was not in the room when the piece came on and only caught the end of it)

Apparently, a woman who abandoned her son years ago when he was a baby asked to see him again and has now kidnapped the boy from his El Monte family. I believe the boy was around eight or nine years old and the mother reportedly told the family she was taking him because it was the only way to get money.

I should also say that the suspect is pregnant and apparently had other children taken away from her in another state. More details to come when we know more or when I can find a link to the news report.

It’s not up on any Web sites yet…

*********Here is the link to Fox’s piece on the story…

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