Something to think about after the housing market shakes out

Meth inspections!

Worried about squatters using your failed real estate investment as a meth lab?

This guy has the answer. He’s the meth inspector.


One of the latest concerns in the Northern Utah real estate marketplace is Meth-Lab contamination, and we can perform this sample testing service for you in a timely manner. The financial liabilities are real and they are stacked against whoever currently owns the property. Until the laws are changed, it is buyer beware.


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  • No matter how hopeless you feel because of your addiction to meth, no matter how much you have endangered your way of life, your health and all that you love.

  • derp

    I’ve known some meth users, and they are more likely to drive the cars their parents let them use, as any money they make would go into their addiction rather than a car purchase. So I will say the minivan.