• us

    yet another consequence of police officers inflated sense of entitlement.

    btw, fx, a charitable interlocutor would grant that I’m offended by the low life actions of any criminal. that you wont grant me this proves you an unfruitful conversationalist.

    the primary reason I didnt respond to your misdirected screed about ‘making gang membership’ a felony was because it was off the blogs main page. And while I don’t think there is a real chance a radical, right wing extremist like yourself will change your mind on the matter, I do think the conversation would benefit from a readership that extends beyond you and me.

    Now, as to your post:
    You suggested a public and legal policy change that would make ‘belonging to a gang’ a felony. I suggested this was an idiotic policy suggestion for serveral reasons, including the difficulty of defining what counts as ‘gang membership.’

    What you did in your piss-poor post was highlight ways in which officers can make a reasonable determination if a person is involved with gangs (e.g., dress, association, tattoos). While that might help officers in the field determine what kind of person they are dealing with, it is by no means anything like legal criteria that must be met.

    In order to institute you dumb-ass policy, you would need to come up with LEGAL criteria for what counts as gang membership. There are several pragmatic challenges to this, including: 1) what counts as gang membership? Do you have to get jumped? Commit a crime? Have gang paraphanelia? tattoos? 2) would the law apply to those people who joined gangs prior to the passage of the law? 3) how do you prove you’ve quit a gang? 4) how do you prove that you are not a gang member when others say you are?

    frankly, i think most reasonable people recognize your suggestion for what it was…and old white, right wing extremist proposing legislation for the sake of shock value.

    we’re shocked alright…shocked you could be so dumb.

  • Local Boy

    As I said before you’re a s dumb as a rock and as racist as any Klan member. Your sense of superiority in intellect is misguided at best but more likely the result of a over inflated sense of ego and self worth. You couldn’t out argue my twin teenage grandsons. You have to retreat to the absurd in the attempt to make any point and as a member of my high school debate team I need only reach back to that time to show you for the phony you are.

    To address your simplistic and deficient points should take me know more than a few minutes, that shows the level of your supposed arguement.

    1) I already posted as to what would reveal that one actively is in a gang, I didn’t make it up and can cite several sources that have some or all of the criteria I posted to you. Your claim regarding the “difficulty” in figuring this out shows your lazy and don’t care to figure it out. You want every protection for scum because what comes first in your pathetic little world is “skin color” and a whole lot of that scum might look like you. You know it, I know it and several others here have commented the same about you. If the works too hard and complicated for you how about just shutting the …. up and let the real people who care about the problem come up with the solution? You don’t have one or want one or you would have said so by now, another way to show you’re all talk and no heart.

    2) What the hell do you know about legal criteria? Why are you even throwing it into this converastion except to make people think you know about the law? I forgot more about the law while typing this than you ever knew. What I wrote on was simple criteria that I believe most people would agree with that all racists like you want to do is find a way around. Are you an ACLU front man or something? I understand the law would have to make a determination on when criteria is met, you under estimate my knowledge as usual. Probable cause for an arrest based on the factors I laid out would assist society in putting those away that cause tragic loss of life and a sense of well being to neighborhoods and whole cities throughout this nation. Like you and their other enablers, they contribute nothing to society. Many of the victims are people with your skin tone, as I’ve said before, and your refusal to even acknowledge their pain and loss shows you care nothing for your own people.

    3) Unlike you I recognize there would have to be safeguards and avenues for your scum pals to challenge the fact they have gang tats, hang out with gangsters, throw gang signs, got jumped in but the bottom line and where you show your main purpose here is apparently that of “ushole gang cheerleader” is that you’re so ….ing worried about the problems they might have in saying “It just ain’t so homes, I stopped that shit long ago”. Your whole post is a joke.

    Spare me your sophmoric, racist, gang pandering bullshit. You are a ….ing phony who could care less about the genocide that your pals are visiting on blacks, or even one another if they dare to have the audacity to not avert a stare or have wrong answer when asked “Where you from”. Pathetic man, you are a sad person.

    Now I’ll go get my Starbucks and watch Colors again.

  • Local Boy

    By the way ushole, the LT. should have been fired. I don’t say anything for shock value, I speak what I feel.

    Later poser.

  • us

    I still laugh each time I type ‘boy’ knowing that you have ‘twin teenage grandsons.’ Props (er, respect) for having figured out the magic computer box, gramps …but something tells me you type with one hand.

    Here you are all bluster. You never addressed the real, pragmatic challenges I proposed to your criteria. The criteria you proposed wasn’t LEGAL criteria, rather it was criteria useful for officers in the field to help determine the nature of the impending interaction.

    The difficulty I refer to is just the type of difficulties legislators encounter when attempting to draft laws that honor constitutional sensibilities.

    So, back to my questions Assemblywoman Boy:

    1) Would the law apply retroactively?
    2) What are the necessary and sufficient conditions that must be met in order to be prosecuted under your law? Remember, these conditions must account for reasonable challenges. For example, does ‘throwing a gang sign’ count as a prosecutable felony offense? If you throw two signs, is that two strikes? Does having a tattoo with your city’s name on it count as a nec and sufficient condition? What if its not the town name but a logo or mascot? What if 25 people say X is in a gang and 25 people say X is not in a gang, who do you believe? Why?

    You suggest ‘hanging around gang members’ is indicative of gang membership? What counts as ‘hanging out’? Attending a baptismal party at the park? Driving to the store? Playing on a neighborhood baseball team?

    Alas, I hope you see how these ‘difficulties’ are not overcome by rubbing 5 cop heads together.

    This paragraph is filled with enough logical fallacies to fill Lboys nursing home. All you do here is call me names, imply I love murder, claim you forgot more than I know and suggest I have a hatred for my own people. There isnt a single argument in this paragraph. Sadly, this tactic isnt as convincing as when you apply it through a bullhorn.

    Again, no substance just vituperative muck. Attorney General Lboy, that online law degree is not serving you very well. I’d get the AARP to look into that you dim witted twit on the teat of a tuberculosis tattered sweat hog (btw, that trumps ‘ushole’ and you’ll never see me use it again).

  • Local Boy

    I would bet I type faster than my racist donkey but the real point is you have nothing new to say. You keep pandering to the criminal element that fascinates you with your non-responses and my friends will keep tossing the street rats in jail. I forgot that in this state you were the person who decided what established legal criteria, what was I thinking. Keep patting yourself on the back but as usual, no substance or thought in your post.

    Again not a word from your phony ass on the damage these sub-humans do, you simply don’t give a damn about your own people. I have forgot more than you know and you would be better served talking to others, I’m going to stick to grown-ups you stick to all your friends in B.P. Y.A. must have been a rude awakening for you but you probably made life-long friends.

    Adios light-weight.

  • us


    I’ll count the fact you did nothing by way of establishing necessary and sufficient criteria as a concession, your objection not withstanding.

  • Local Boy

    You don’t count anymore troll.

  • Local Boy

    By the way Einstien, the U.S. Codes has a working definition that is fine with me regarding what criteria needs to be met to get up to a 10 year enhancement for committing certain crimes as a member of a criminal street gang. It just doesn’t go far enough.

    To fine tune that “OK” start and throw these useless wastes of life away forever isn’t something that would be hard to do if not for scum like you, the ACLU, liberal judges and prisoner support groups who attempt to throw ridiculous roadblocks up every step of the way. The continued actions of street gang members show they deserve this type of attention and sentence, you certainly don’t have enough in your holster to show they don’t. All you can do is point to the rare instances of an officer acting wrongly and attempt to stretch it into being the “norm” for police officers, who by the way were the authority who fired your latest target the Starbucks lieutenant. Your priorites are silly, and easily shown to be the product of a biased and racist mind.

    You have a history on this board that shows the murders of young people of color, gang related or not simply don’t matter to you, or maybe you can point me to all those comments where you show they do. Or maybe you could show me all those comments you’ve made where you come down on gangsters for their murderous acts. I won’t hold my breath waiting for you to do that.

    The vast majority of “innocent victims” of gang violence don’t have my ethnic background but I speak up in their defense while you appear, always, to think little of them sent to an early death. Yet you always comment on me being ‘White”. That says a whole lot about your lack of a moral balance and points out your true contemptible and corrupt nature.

    Your entire brainless rap is based on making sure that gangsters are afforded every chance to continue in their violent and pathological attempt to terrorize society. You are a sick and worthless piece of work. Your people should be proud, well at least the criminal element.

    Now I think I’ve had my say and enough of any conversation with an obvious phony.