Enough is Enough*

The planned press conference at the site of Saturday’s shooting in Monrovia didn’t pan out. Organizers were unable to get any support. And when TV crews didnt’ show, organizers told our reporter and photographer that there would be no press conference until the “real media” arrived.

Almost as soon as the SGV Tribune PSN photographer took off, city spokesman Dick Singer arrived on the scene and apparently engaged in an argument with one of the “press conference” organizers. No details on the nature of the argument or what else happened out there.

*The argument was over whether or not the shooting victim was a gang member or not. A cop apparently stepped in and Dick Singer got into his car and drove off, reporter Nate McIntire said.

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  • Real media? WTF???? Who are these people? Why do they continue to hurt themselves?

  • fx

    If Britney Spears would have been invited, the real media would should show up in fill force.

  • Oh man, things don’t change. In my early print reporter days, somebody would announce a time for a press conference, but it wouldn’t actually start until “Late Channel 8” finally arrived. And the DA always returned TV’s phone calls first — I had been harassing the DA all morning once about a local murder and getting no traction. I mentioned my questions in conversation to a TV reporter I knew who was in town on another story — and that afternoon, the DA is answering those questions on camera from this station and still hasn’t returned my calls. Not that it’s scarred me or anything.

  • AP

    Sorry that I couldn’t make the press conference in order for it to start.

  • frazgo

    It really speaks so highly of city gov’t when they pick and chose whom the decide is media or not.

  • Fraz,
    Just to make it clear. The press conference was organized by a group in town known as “Enough is Enough” there’s another post linked to this one that explains that.
    I haven’t talked to Mr. Singer, but I believe he was there to give the city’s side of the story if the press conference went off as planned.
    Because we dont’ tote video cameras or drive around in vans, the “Enough is Enough” people said they would cancel.

  • frazgo

    Thanks for the clarification. BUT why didn’t Dick stick around and chat?

    The “Enough is Enough” group is interesting, I think their heart is in the right place but they just aren’t hitting on all cylinders to make the impact needed in the neighborhoods. They need to be active before the shooting starts.