More about Philippe and the nanny state

I’m not the only guy irritated by the bureaucrats telling me I can’t have mustard at Philippe’s downtown.

West Covina’s Mike Spence cries out against the nanny state on


The nanny state and its bureaucrats have victimized the Los Angeles landmark eatery Philippe’s. Philippe’s Beef Dips are literally world famous. The lamb dip isn’t bad either. Actually they are all good. But I digress. “

2 thoughts on “More about Philippe and the nanny state

  1. They have victimized us. The PEOPLE of PHILIPPES! They are slowly killing me with this felonious mustard jazz.

    Seriously, someone needs to go down there, right now.

    Two double dip lamb sandwiches, double dip, bleu cheese

  2. We took a trip to Philippes today, and the mustard is back on the table — in a squeeze bottle. It tasted the same…..mmmmm. By the way, they have a world class wine list at 30% above cost. No, I don’t work for them, but it was a great discovery for me and wanted to share it….

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