Three youths questioned in connection to fire * **

Pasadena police have questioned three youths in connection with the Friday afternoon fire above Hastings Ranch.

There has been no arrests. The three were seen leaving the scene as soon smoke appeared.

No further information was available.

 *Three youths are reportedly now in custody according to one of our wire services.  We are confirming the story. (As of 5:46 p.m.) They are juveniles.

** From interview at 5:52 p.m. with Pasadena Fire Spokeswoman Lisa Derderian .. the youths were not residents of the area . . still trying to determine the origin a neighbor called it in great description and PPD were on it right away. . . .

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  • frazgo

    An alert neighbor and a PD that responds quickly can do wonders.

  • AP

    Stupid kids. What a bunch of losers. Now their lives are fucked because of some stupid prank they were trying to pull.

    Stay at home and play on your MySpace and listen to your Insane Clown Posse and leave Pasadena alone.